“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart”- Anne Frank

Sitting through a three hour flight is not easy when you are just sitting there, anxious to see your family who you haven’t seen in a week and eager to sleep in your own comfy bed. To complicate things, add in the fact that you had just waited in the Minneapolis airport for three hours and are sitting next to a man with the worst body odor and ocd and that could just qualify as your longest plane trip, ever. I tried to sleep, tried to occupy myself with soduku and reading the lastest edition of Women’s Health but nothing helped those three hours that just dragged by.

When I finally got off the plane at 11:45 that night, didn’t help either that I was in the far back of the plane, I was looking forward to seeing my family, my freshly bathed golden retriever, and grabbing my luggage. When I stepped through the doors to see my family greet me, all of those things were about to come true, well most of them at least. I suppose it may have helped matters if my luggage was actually there, waiting at the baggage claim when I got there. But after looking around for a bright red, overstuffed suitcase, I realized that passing out in my comfy bed was farther away than I thought.

We went to the baggage claim office to see if it had somehow been lost during my transitions during the day, but the lady said my bag had been scanned into boise and was put on the carousel. The next words out of her mouth were upsetting enough to make even peppy Taylor Swift have a melt down, because that’s what happened next. “Chances are, someone else took your luggage and since we don’t have any other red bags here, I have a feeling it wasn’t a mistake.” That’s when I lost it, right there in the middle of the Boise Airport. I have been up since early that morning, flying all night, and I just wanted my luggage and to go home. All that they could do was give us a baggage claim report and if my luggage wasn’t found in 5 days, they would refund me for whatever was lost. You can’t replace little thank you notes from 10 year old girls thanking you for coming to their Girl Scout Troop, and even my beloved Gianni and Bini boots (I’m a girl who loves her shoes, you can’t blaime me for being a tinch bit upset over something like that!)

I dragged myself out of the airport, my mom, dad and I as we headed out to the car. Even my dog Sunni who could always put a smile on my face couldn’t cheer me up as my mind started to race over everything in that suit case to think if anything could identify me and all the items I had lost. My running shoes, contacts, souvenirs, and memories from spring break, just a few of the many things I was losing.

Easter was that next morning though, one of my favorite holidays. Bummed I had missed out on dying eggs with my family, but excited to have our Easter Brunch and spend time with my sister. After a long day of festivities and relaxation with the family I went home to get ready to head back to school that week. Only after I had settled down and used my frustration to do a clean sweep of my kitchen did I get a phone call from my mother saying my baggage would arrive at their place in 5 minutes! Relief swept over my body and brought me back to my state of mind where as Anne Frank would say “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

Bleck, I’m gunna do it too! (Four Christmases)

So I’m currently spending my Spring Breakoutside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my Aunt Shelly, Uncle Steven, and cousins Jack and Jo-Jo. And I’ll tell you one thing, it’s definitely been one for the books.Started off with a 4:30 am wake up call Sunday morning to finish packing and head out for an early plane ride. I swear, everyone and their mothers were at the Boise Airport that early morning. Ran into people from high school I haven’t seen since high school, a woman from church, and an awkward run in with a guy I used to date who is now a co-pilot. Interesting to see the places you will go. Sat next to a man who wouldn’t mumble a word to me, but yet insisted on helping me with every little thing whether it be putting my luggage above for me, setting my tray down for my drink, or even moving my bag open for me to put my book in. All the mean while he’s playing monopoly on his iPhone. (yes I was miss snoopy)

Finally, got off the plane only to spend a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis (everyone says they get stuck there) It was kind of nice to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s, ate one of the most horrendous chicken caeser salads my mouth has ever encountered, and then ended up rushing to catch my flight that had been transferred last minute only to find out that it had been delayed another hour. Fun right?

But it was all worth it to be able to finally get to see my family when I landed in Milwaukee!

We grabbed some food from a place called Kobbys, I think. Then called an early night to get ready for the next day to have a self-esteem workshop with my cousin Jo-Jo’s Girl Scout Troop. We had an absolute blast, all the girls in her troop were so much fun and we had a blast with the craft at the end. Each workshop always has a unique set of girls and something to remember it by. I will forever remember this as the stickers on the face workshop because the girls started putting butterfly and duck stickers all over my face and then onto theirs! They were an absolute delight.

Jo-Jo, her friend Emma, and I went out back to take some pictures of the sun set and that’s when I started to feel a bit under the weather so I came inside. To spare the details,I ended up spending that night “Bowing to the white porcelain god” as my aunt put it. Longest night of my life I felt and we still can’t figure out what made me so sick but now poor Aunt Shelly came down with the dreadful illness as we were shopping today.

I also got to help out with Aunt Shelly’s special needs classroom which was quite the experience in itself as well. She helps out with the Special Olympics as well so I got to meet some of the participants for that too! They were so sweet and full of character, never a dull moment and always something going on.

It’s definitely been one to remember, hopefully nobody else gets this terrible, grotesque stomache flu during the remainder of the trip! For now that’s all the exciting adventures I have to produce from this trip…we’ll see how the rest of this vacation turns out! Until then…