First of many

Many people have asked, “Do you have a blog? Are you a blogger? When are you going to start blogging?” Well where have I been and what have I been missing out on? It seems blogging is the new self-exploration of my generation so I’ll give in finally and give it a shot.
I heard someone tell me once “To be yourself. And above all, let who you are, everything you are and that you believe in, shine through every sentence.” That’s what you are going to get through this. Mainly this blog is to help me remember the good and the bad and remember all the amazing moments I’ve experienced to go along with the humorous and just anything that stands out to me. So if you are reading this, and looking for some remarkable, unbelievable stories, I hope you aren’t dissappointed! So far, my life has been one incredible journey with more to come. And that’s what this blog is here for…to capture these moments and hopefully inspire (or humor) others with my words!
Basically to sum me up in a nutshell….I’m a passionate, spontaneous, young woman dedicated to making a difference in the lives around me through the lives who have touched mine.