For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

The day started out pleasant and tranquil. I was able to sleep in until 8:30 (which felt absolutely gratifying) and still have a somewhat early start to my day off. After having a good 15 minutes of just laying in my bed and doing absolutely nothing I decided to be productive and head out for a run, hoping that when I looked outside it would be blue skies and birds chirping. Well, the birds were chirping, but no sun or blue skies were in sight. Then I took a step outside, not exactly pleased to find myself stepping out into drizzling rain but I decided to adventure out anyways. The advantage of being out in the rain is that the air smells incredible, especially with everything beginning to bloom and it smelt as if the whole neighborhood decided to cut their grass the day before which is one of my favorite smells. The bad thing about running today, I nearly ran over a dead bird laying in the middle of the side walk. Not a pleasant surprise to run into and it took all I had in me to not throw up last night’s stir fry. I also got sprayed, or should I say nearly drenched by a enormous escalade. Hinting at myself in need of a shower possibly? Thank you but I have a shower at my own house, and it has hot water so I would have much rather preferred that. None the less my run was incredible and very calming after a stressful weekend, all five miles of it (which is a whole two miles more than my average run. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty impressed with myself)

I followed my run up with some scrambled eggs whites, rolled apple oats, and some green tea. Yum. I can’t wait for two weeks when I can go back to eating food like normal person and down some pancakes drenched in sweet maple syrup.

Realizing that my fridge was looking a little bare, I decided to venture out to the wild adventure of shopping at Winco when all the soccer moms and elderly women who decide to shop in herds taking up the whole aisle so you are forced to walk at the same 1.5 mph pace that they are. But today I was in no rush so I felt up to the challenge.

For me, I love grocery shopping, IF I can go at the right time where there is hardly anybody there. It’s a relaxing thing that requires no brain activity and all I have to do is support myself with a shopping cart and get to enjoy having an abundant selection of foods that I can enjoy (even if I can’t enjoy most of them for the next two weeks, darn you swimsuit phase of competition!)After walking aimlessly down every aisle and grabbing my typical chicken, eggs, blueberries, oats, apple sauce, distilled water, and banana tofu (my splurge right now!) I decided I should probably head home so I didn’t look like I was so pathetic I had nothing better to do than to walk a few laps around Winco. (This is what happens when you are used to having a crazy schedule for the last 6 months. You have no idea what to do with yourself when you have some down time.) I went to the check out and started to bag my groceries, all the cold rectangular foods in one bag. Water bottles in another. And the apple sauce and oats in another bag. Slight case of Ocd. Walking out to my car it started down pouring so I packed everything in my car as fast as my arms would possibly allow,then started my car and proceeded to slowly back out. Now I know how crazy people are in parking lots and most of them act as if they have absolutely no peripheral vision so they can’t see when you are trying to get out. Well, I saw that the coast was clear and continued backing out. A lady drove up and waited for me to back out to take my parking spot while on the opposite side of me an elderly man decided to speed up and barrel towards me then had the nerve to blare his horn at me and start yelling obscenity at me! I have never seen a man so angry and open his mouth so wide and be able to hear him so loud through two closed windows. Someone must not have had their breakfast for champions I figured and decided to smile at him as he rolled down his window and shook his fist at me and I continued to drive past him. Like Elizabeth Kennedy once said, “He who angers you, conquers you.”
Some people make me laugh at the silly things they get worked up over. Hopefully he feels a bit better after basking in the glory of Winco’s bulk food, typically that does the trick.

I love sappy youtube videos

I’m one of those people that has been taken by youtube videos. I could literally stay on the computer for hours watching video after video…I’ve seen the “David after the dentist”, “fat lady fall off of a table”,the best four year old break dancer EVER (at least I’m convince he is), you name it and I’m probably intrigued by it. But I also love watching the Dove Self-Esteem Fund ads. It could be that I’m just a softy for anything having to deal with building girl’s self-esteem or that I’m easily inspired by a video that has a sappy song and some value behind it. But there’s something about these video clips that get me every time and I’m teary eyed with a box of Kleenex ready to go by me (okay so I’m not that terrible, but you get the picture).
The reason I mention this is because the other day my mom showed me this clip and it really got to me. I speak the message of giving girl’s high confidence during my self-esteem workshops and I know that girl’s self-esteem is dropping at younger ages, but seeing this video made me realize just how hard girls are on themselves at such a young age. It also made me realize that we are so hard on ourselves about being this perfect image,

but if we took a step outside our bodies and look out how incredible we already are, we would realize that those who surround us already love the amazing individual we are.

Enough with the sap, I just wanted to show this video. Love love love the song and absolutely love the message behind it. Check it out and see for yourself why!

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