Excuse me sir…could you help me open my already popped hood. Yes, I’m incapable in my 4 inch Jessica Simpson heels and dress. Thank you

Tonight was the evening of the Miss Magic Valley and Miss Canyon Rim Pageant. I was able to drive up from Boise to watch Heatherly Norman and Courtney Barry as they passed on their titles to the next lucky ladies to follow in their footsteps. The theme of the pageant was Breakfast At Tiffanys, which I was absolutely tickled by because I am in LOVE with Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s being my favorite movie of hers. Onstage sat beautiful pictures of her including the one where she is sitting glamorously at a diner table and another well known portrait of her. The competition had some great talent with Erin Webster being the talent preliminary winner for her amazing piano skills and interview winner and her sister being the swimsuit preliminary winner and evening gown preliminary. At the end though, Miss Canyon Rim 2009, Heatherly Norman presented the 2010 title to Erin Webster which means this will be her 3rd time back at Miss Idaho after taking a few years off! Miss Magic Valley 2009, Courtney Barry handed off the 2010 title to Tysha Federico who sang for her talent.

Driving up wasn’t bad. It’s a little over a 2 hour drive to the rest stop that my mom and I have turned into our spot to get ready. After going from grungy shorts and a tee, we got all dressed up snazzy and were ready to go out and rock Twin Falls! The lovely Edmunds family had invited us over to dinner so we were able to enjoy a delicious dinner with Deidre and her family before going to watch the pageant. Deidre and I were both judges for the princess pageant which was so much fun! I’ve waited for 4 years to finally be a judge and my calling finally came! The girls were from 5 to 12 and they would model their chosen dress and then answer an onstage question. The questions ranged from asking what their favorite season was, which celebrity they would like to meet (which was Hannah Montana of course!) and their favorite teacher. Major contenders for Miss Idaho one day!

Driving home wasn’t quite as fun though…I realized just how terrible night vision I have! Mom and I were using the time to catch up on life when I almost hit a huge tire on the side of the road and when we pulled over to a gas station so she could drive I pulled a blonde moment. I hate when that happens because it always happens during the time when I’m trying to put up a front that I know exactly what I’m doing. Somehow I’d popped my hood and couldn’t get it to open up completely to close it again so it didn’t fly up while we were driving 75 down the interstate. It didn’t help that I was exhausted and in heels and a dress struggling to lift my hood. So I had to ask a guy next to us to help me who just kinda laughed at me. In less than the time that it took me to ask him he’d already opened the hood and slammed it shut giving me one of those “Impressive? I know right!” grins. I thanked him and passed out for the remaining 30 minute drive home. We were relieved when we finally arrived in home sweet home Boise!

I also found out tonight that my dear friend Leanna Ross made it in the top 10 finalists at Miss Indiana. So proud of my Chuck!!!

That’s about as much excitement as I could handle tonight…except that I’ve realized my birthday trip to Chicago is less than a month away…so excited! Countdown…is on!

Oh summer, how I love you so.

Summer is officially here…FINALLY! The months of waiting to go for a bike ride along the green belt and hike up to Table Rock and take a swim in Lucky Peak are finally over as of this week.

The first official week of summer started off with a early morning run down the greenbelt. Absolutely most perfect day. Blue skies, not too hot yet not too chilly. Everyone and I mean everyone, even the dog being pushed in a stroller, was all smiles. Then went for a bike ride with some friends downtown to get sushi, but all the sushi places were closed since it was after 2:00 pm so we ended up getting burgers and pitas at the Falcon Taven followed by some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Oh Ben and Jerry how I’ve missed you so! That night, Aaron and I went for a midnight walk up to Table Rock which was mezmorizing with the nearly full moon shining down lighting the path before us. The next day was spent running errands, and stealing cardboard boxes out of people’s dumpsters…until a guy at Home Depot tried to charge me for it! Trying to fing boxes to move has been crazy! And today I went for yet another beautiful run followed by a swim in Lucky Peak with some friends. The water was freezing and higher than usual but it was enjoyable none the less. Skipped some rocks (or at least attempted to!) and then got trampled by the most adorable 5 month old black lab puppy named Brooklyn.

Yes indeed, summer is looking very promising 🙂