Oh summer, how I love you so.

Summer is officially here…FINALLY! The months of waiting to go for a bike ride along the green belt and hike up to Table Rock and take a swim in Lucky Peak are finally over as of this week.

The first official week of summer started off with a early morning run down the greenbelt. Absolutely most perfect day. Blue skies, not too hot yet not too chilly. Everyone and I mean everyone, even the dog being pushed in a stroller, was all smiles. Then went for a bike ride with some friends downtown to get sushi, but all the sushi places were closed since it was after 2:00 pm so we ended up getting burgers and pitas at the Falcon Taven followed by some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Oh Ben and Jerry how I’ve missed you so! That night, Aaron and I went for a midnight walk up to Table Rock which was mezmorizing with the nearly full moon shining down lighting the path before us. The next day was spent running errands, and stealing cardboard boxes out of people’s dumpsters…until a guy at Home Depot tried to charge me for it! Trying to fing boxes to move has been crazy! And today I went for yet another beautiful run followed by a swim in Lucky Peak with some friends. The water was freezing and higher than usual but it was enjoyable none the less. Skipped some rocks (or at least attempted to!) and then got trampled by the most adorable 5 month old black lab puppy named Brooklyn.

Yes indeed, summer is looking very promising 🙂


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