What another eventful week it’s been! Monday started off with a few more self-esteem workshops for 61 girls at the Kuna Boys and Girls Club. That brings it up to 800 girls that I’ve given workshops to now! Always look forward to hearing them say the things they like most about themselves, but that day’s workshops were full of surprises! One girl even said that her favorite thing about her was…steak! More power to her though for loving her meats!
Thursday, I prepared for a road trip adventure to Weiser, Idaho with my dad. We stopped at a gas station on our way there where I was reunited with my favorite childhood treat, Pop Rocks! The remainder of the car drive was spent with my mouth opened wide to see how loud I could make the sugared rocks pop in my mouth until we got to the small, but entertaining, Weiser. My pageant sisters, and good friends, Carly Campo and Jessica Richardson were giving up their titles at Miss Western Idaho where they passed them along to two talented and sweet girls. One of the more entertaining parts of the night though was the hilarious emcee! This man dressed in a suit, slightly balding at the top and rounding in the middle like a pleasant Santa stood up and entertained us all as he slid on his reading glasses to read the winners of the night. But his reading glasses weren’t what you would expect to see, rather what you’d anticipate a hip grandma to wear. They were pointy blue rimmed with rhinestones! Guess it isn’t just us pageant girls who love our rhinestones!
My birthday was brought in while we were driving back to Boise, as we celebrated my 21st birthday at a truck stop getting cliff bars and peach rings. We’re a wild bunch! That night though my family and friends celebrated with me at a local restaurant called the Reef which is kind of like a Hawaiian bbq and is absolutely amazing. That next night, the best friends EVER planned a party for me at my friend Ashley’s where they had decorated the room with yellow and orange, my favorite colors, streamers, balloons, and Ash had even made one of her famous cakes for me that was decorated with zebra print and looked like it should have come out of a professional cake magazine!
Now I sit in the Denver Airport, ending the third hour of my layover as I eagerly wait to fly into Chicago. The city love of my life and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead this week. Tomorrow we go to a Cubs game as they play against the Houston Asteroids!

Fireworks and Rhinestoned Sweetcorn

It has definitely been a week for the books. It all started off with partaking in Melba’s Fourth of July festivities last Saturday. For those of you who have never been to Melba, it is about a 45 minute drive outside of Boise and a small town with a population of a little over 400 people! Which makes for one of the best, if not the best, Fourth of July celebration I’ve ever been involved in! I did it last year with Meg Rowe, Miss Tri-Counties, and we had a blast seeing the whole town plus more show up for the parade and carnival.

I got to ride in an Indianapolis 500 corvette with Del and Ilene along with Corvette Cassie! (Their toy poodle puppy who drives her very own corvette!)

This year was not nearly as warm as last year! As a matter a fact, I probably should have brought along my winter jacket because my summer dress was not cutting it! But to see all the smiling faces and wide eyed girls in the audience cheering and smiling as I drove by made me forget all about how cold I was and before I knew it I was laughing away with the crowd as they cheered on “Yay Miss Meridian!”. Never have I felt more welcomed in another town. One little boy even ran up to me and told me how much he loved my dress and thought I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. He is going to be a keeper when he grows up!

My family and I then went to the carnival where I road in a crazy spin ride where you throw balls at the person in front of you as you spin around in a circle. I went with a few young girls who recognized me from Miss Idaho who absolutely loved the ride and were screaming with joy the whole time. My screaming, however, started off from excitement and joy and shortly turned to a sick feeling as I recognized that I am not as young as I once was and I can’t stomach those sort of rides anymore. Melba, you definitely did not disappoint yet again this year!

I then was sent my legitimate invite to the Miss Sweetheart National Pageant for first runner ups to their state titles for the Miss America System. I now have my paperwork, flight booked, and am officially going to be proudly representing Idaho during the 67th annual Sweet Corn Festival in Hoopeston, Illinois this September! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be putting all the dedication and passion I have applied towards competing for Miss Idaho and be able to use that at a national level. I will be the first woman from Idaho to attend this pageant in nearly 10 years and I promise I will do everything in my power to make you proud!

The rest of my week was spent getting the word out about my Pepsi Refresh Project! I talked about my workshops to people, lined up some workshops for different groups, and posted it all over Facebook! Gotta love social networking! I even had a good friend of mine surprise me with a video he had made to get the word out and inspire people to vote daily! The video is attached at the bottom. This morning was where I was able to really reach out to people as my wonderful, supportive dad and I handed out over 500 fliers to people at the Saturday Morning Market in downtown Boise. The market takes up over 5 blocks now and 2 different intersections; amazing how much it has grown! I was able to share my passion for building confidence in girls and also give parents and adults ideas and ways to help lift their children’s self-esteem. One uncle told me that he was going to show my bright pink flier to his niece so she would no longer be afraid to flip during her back stroke!

If you would like more information regarding “Free To Be Me” Self-Esteem Workshops or would like to set up a workshop, please email me at love_sunni@live.com!

Here’s Marcus’ fantastic video! Thanks Marcus!!!

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