Help kids beam by building their self-esteem!

The most unbelievably amazing thing has just happened to me! For those of you who don’t know, I have been organizing and leading self-esteem workshops for the past four years and have now reached out and helped build confidence in over 800 girls. A few months ago I filled out an in depth application to the Pepsi Refresh Project where they give out $1.3 million dollars in grants towards individuals and groups dedicated towards making a difference. I applied for a 5k grant so i can expand my workshops to 1000 more children through out Idaho.

They way it works is the first 1000 submissions to get in on the 1st of the month are in the running for the next month. So month after month I have been logging onto my computer (and my dad’s computer, and my lap top, as many computers as I can at once to improve my chances because you have millions of people trying to get in!) and hoping to be accepted. I would log in at 9:59 pm, pulse racing, and click on submit! Then wait an utterly long and drawn out couple of minutes to see what the next page would say, only to find out that the slots were already filled and to try back again next month. That’s how quickly they would fill up!

Then, last month I got a strange page where it said my submission was being reviewed but nobody could vote on it or open it. To my surprise, I had finally made it into the top 1000 for my grant category and was going to be in the running for July!

This would mean the world to me. I have a dynamic passion for building self-esteem in girls and want to expand this to boys and as many other children as I can. With this grant, I would be able to travel around Idaho and use my years of experience and compassion to reach out to at least 1000 other kids.

With your help, I can make it into the top 10! Just log in to the link posted on the side of my blog for Pepsi Refresh Project or go to

You can also vote on the facebook application for Pepsi Refresh and vote again for two votes!!! Share this with everyone you know and help me help children realize and love the amazing individuals they are, for who they are.

Check out this video for more information!

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