Looks like I’m going to need to invest in a bigger agenda than just the freebie pocket sized.

And so it begins, my new life as I will come to know it in the next year. Not even a week after being crowned and I’m already out and about and busy as ever. Despite my chaotic schedule, I’ve still made it my goal to eat ice cream once a day for the remainder of the week in celebration! Almost as fun as my 30 day hot yoga challenge, actually I would have to say WAY more fun and refreshing than my 30 day hot yoga challenge!

My first week as Miss Idaho started off with an 8:30 wake up call and a craving for ice cream. I had been up until 3:00 am the night before beaming and hesitant to take my crown off for fear that it would have disappeared in the morning and everything would have just been a dream. But sure enough it was still there sitting on the counter, gleaming strobes of light onto the kitchen wall as the sun beamed off it. U Swirl run was in order as soon as they opened at 11 that morning! Followed by a delicious dinner with the fam and more ice cream. How’s that for a two a day?

I was able to partake in my first appearance as Miss Idaho on Monday at Miss Gem County as I performed my talent and watched the sweet Sarah Downs
as she gave up her title as former Miss Gem County. We crowned the next Miss Gem County, Leah Resinkin, and the first official Miss Gem County Outstanding Teen, Audry Powell.
It was the best feeling to be standing there in a crowd, turn around and find a little girl staring up at me with a grin that filled her whole face and arms extended out for a great, big hug. I put my arms around her and asked her what her name was as I thought to myself “I think this will be the best job I’ve ever had!” Between then and now I’ve had that happen on countless occasions and I have never given out so many hugs in my life nor have a felt so much joy inside of me.

Wednesday morning I was able to make my first public speech as Miss Idaho during the “Crossing of America” tour sponsored by the Spirit of Liberty Foundation.
I was moved to be part of such an outstanding event in history and to be one of the 3 key speakers from Idaho along with Meridian’s Mayor Tammy DeWeerd and Nampa’s Mayor Tom Dale at Peterson’s Stampede. The tour will take place over 105 days where they will visit 43 states and end in New York for the 10th anniversary of September 11th.
During this time, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation hopes to bring awareness and appreciation of all the hard work and dedication our soldiers and veterans have put forth into making our nation the wonderful country it is today. I am so honored to have been able to speak at such an incredible event and to have been part of such a significant day. Also at the event was a local boy scout troop as well as the Patriot Guard Riders, a group of motorcyclists who go to the funerals of fallen heros and rev their engines to drown out the noise of protestors. This I found to be absolutely intriguing and I was shocked to hear about the protestors at the funerals.
The Crossing of America Tour will next head to Salt Lake City as they continue their journey to New York.

I also completely spaced to write my 3 goals for the week on my last post, so here’s the 3 goals to make up for last time!

1. I will finally unpack all my bags and luggage from last week and start moving everything into boxes in preparation of moving!

2. By the end of the week, I will have had ice cream every day (okay, so that’s a fun one but I have to enjoy myself a little bit before I go into crazy training mode!)

3. I will strive to impact at least one person during each of my appearances as Miss Idaho this year. I want to be able to get to know that person even if it’s just in a brief 3 minute time span and be able to have a positive impact on their life.

4. (This week I’ll throw in a 4th since it’s been awhile) I WILL update my blog a couple times a week and post pictures to remember all the amazing people and incredible times I’ve had along the way.

What an amazing week it’s been already, and to believe it’s only just the beginning!

hugs and love,