One’s actions should inspire people to dream more, love more, feel blessed more, and to become more.

What another crazy week is has been! I was able to partake in my first parade as Miss Idaho during the Meridian Dairy Days Parade as I rode with my little Miss Idaho sister, Hannah. We had an absolute blast waving to the massive crowd that showed up to enjoy their chocolate milk, the entertainment from the parade, and of course all the candy that was thrown out! Note to self, next time bring the sweets along!

The next morning was an early one as I prepared to run in the annual See Jane Run “I Run For Chocolate” race. Leave it to mom to have a shirt designed for me to run in that said “Miss Idaho, Genevieve Nutting” on the back. What a fun way to be out in the community promoting the program! The weather was nice and cool for the run and had such a fun atmosphere with all the women ready to take off and enjoy a competitive “stroll” along the Boise River.
To my surprise, I ended up placing 4th in my age group and 25th overall! Not too shabby after eating ice cream for a straight week! And yes, I did accomplish my goal from last week of eating ice cream everyday for the whole week. Craving of this week is now watermelon and blueberries, and I have definitely had my fill of it after devouring a few good sized packages of fresh blueberries and a whole watermelon.

I probably would have been lost without an agenda on Saturday after driving all around Boise out to Caldwell in one day. The morning started out at the Veteran’s Home during the All Veteran’s Welcome Home event.
I met Miss Rodeo Idaho and we walked around mingling away with the veterans and volunteers. It was amazing to see all the different organizations that were out there to support the veterans. There was everything from recovery programs to an outdoor recreation program for disabled vets. The man at that station taught me how to fly fish and I landed the hook in the hula hoop my first try!

There were military affiliates of all ages and from every different branch. I met the most polite young boys from the Young Marines. They were about 10-years-old and did they ever wear that uniform well with their cute little grins peeping out beneath the brim of their hats that covered their freckled noses.
Everything was “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” as we walked out to view the helicopters in the field with an older Marine who had served in the Vietnam War.

Around the same time, I heard a voice behind me ask “Will you marry me?” I turned around and responded with a “Well, do you have the ring?” Behind me there stood a veteran with a shocked expression on his face. I don’t think he expected me to respond to that statement as he managed to say “No, no I don’t! But can I have your autograph?”
We laughed and I asked him about where he served as I signed a photo for him with “p.s. next time bring the ring” at the bottom. When I gave it to him he threw his head back with a chuckle and told me I should be on Jay Leno because I was a real comedian. When I went to the helicopters, I heard the same voice call out “Come on sweetheart, they’re waiting to take us on our honeymoon!” He got that part right!

He was just one of the many people I was able to engage with. There was one more though that I don’t know if I necessarily made his day, but he absolutely made mine and helped me understand even more (if I didn’t already) just how important it is for Miss Idaho (or any title holder for that sake) to not just have her crown but really wear it and put it to use.
I had spoken with the gentlemen early on in the day about how he goes out and talks to kids about substance abuse. He explained to me how they grab young kids attention by having them wear goggles that show what it would be like to be over the legal limit while they ride around on tricycles. He then asked me what I do and I explained to him about how the Miss America Organization has an emphasis on service in their communities and all the involvement I had with my platform. We parted our ways but when I was getting ready to leave a couple hours later, he came up to me and thanked me for coming. He told me that he didn’t think I would be there and didn’t expect for me to be doing what I did but that it meant so much that I was there and engaging with everyone.
That statement made my day, and made me so happy to show someone what the Miss America Organization is truy about and that it isn’t just about going out, smiling pretty in a crown, and waving to others.

From there I rushed over to the Boise Rec Fest to talk about staying active and my experiences with the great Idaho outdoors.
I was able to spend the afternoon with Frank Muir, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission and our own famous potato, Spuddy Buddy! I started out on the kids stage as I talked about why it’s important to live an active lifestyle as well as the importance of goal setting. I also talked to them about taking care of their bodies and feeding the right nutrients, such as potatoes which have 45% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, almost twice as much potassium as a banana, fiber and vitamin b6, and you get all that in only 110 calories with a medium sized potato. Not too bad there!

I had little boys come up to me and ask me to sign their arms and tee shirts as they told me how excited they were about their band performing that day and singing the Foo Fighters. Were they even born when that music came out? But they absolutely rocked it on that stage! After that a man in a wheelchair came over to me and told me I had to go try out the frisbee golf station so I went over and made two shots in a row as Spuddy Buddy and I tested out our frisbee throwing skills. The man asked me about what I do as Miss Idaho and I talked to him about my involvement over the years and how long it took me to get here today. He talked about his beautiful daughters and how proud he was of them and the choices they made. He smiled at me and told me how proud he was that I accomplished my goal.
Then his eyes filled with tears as we talked about how I was going to Miss America, it was all I could do to keep myself together as he held my hand and wished me the best of luck.

I also ran into a Girl Scout that I had spoken to during her Girl Scout meeting. She had remembered me talking about self-esteem and goal setting and told me about her recent acccomplishment of being chosen as a student ambassador in Australia! It was so nice to meet with a girl I had spoken with before and see how far she has come over the past few years. I told her to take lots of pictures and couldn’t wait to see everything she got to do. What an exciting adventure and accomplishment for someone her age!

I ended the afternoon talking on the main stage about growing up with a very active lifestyle and how it’s helped me develop into the person I am today. I talked about how living in Idaho helps me even train for Miss America because it provides many ways to stay active and fit with all the outdoor activities. Because of this, and all the locally grown fresh produce, I can train for Miss America with a healthy and active lifestyle as opposed to crash dieting or not taking proper care of my body.
I also talked about my platform and how Girl Scouts develop leadership skill, promote service in their communities, learn to work as a team, and develop cultural awareness.
It was quite the productive day and by the end of being outside all day, I even had a tan line from my sash!

From there, I drove out to Caldwell to crown Miss Canyon County and the very first Miss Caldwell! The theme was Old Hollywood and it was fun to see the contestants dance to “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” sung by Marilyn Monroe.
The contestants all did phenomenal and at the end of the evening my very good friend Sarah Downs was crowned Miss Caldwell and Heather Mallary, Miss Canyon County. You ladies are going to have such an incredible year together! Take lots of pictures, and try to do as many appearances as possible together.
Having a sister title holder makes the year such a unique experience and you can have so much fun with it!

This week is going to be busy with moving and a quick road trip to Miss Washington to perform and watch my good friend and sweetheart sister, Brittney Henry, compete to go to Miss America. Best of luck to you girl and can’t wait to see you!

3 goals for this next week:
1. Finish packing and move out by mid week, then break out the cleaning machine so I can get my whole deposit back!
2. Time to start up with hot yoga again!
3. Remember to BREATH! In just a week the added stress of moving will be completely gone!

hugs and love,

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