We forget that happiness doesn’t come from getting what we don’t have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we already have- Frederick Keonig

I’ve learned this week that you will never know where the road as Miss Idaho will take you. This week my road led me headed down the wrong “7th street” in Weiser, Idaho (who knew there would be multiple 7th streets in such a small town!), to the pitcher’s plate at the Boise Hawk’s game, up a dusty windy road to Girl Scout Camp, jumping and doing aerobics on a trampoline for one of the hardest work outs I’ve had, and in the middle of a potato field in Idaho Falls.

My week started out working with one of my wonderful directors, Amy, followed by a quick trip to Weiser, Idaho to watch the Miss Western Idaho pageant. With myself as the navigator, not sure that was the best choice since we ended up heading straight out of town before we were even in the heart of it! After we finally found the correct 7th street, we ended up making it just by the skin of our teeth to catch the opening. Thank goodness for years of experience doing quick dress changes and figuring out how to put my crown on in record time!
Miss Western Idaho was awarded to Kelsie Cleaver and Tanna Pettet received Miss River Valley. I was able to reunite with Alli Lance who I met at Miss Idaho one of my very first years. It was nice to know that some things will never change as we joked and laughed back stage taking a walk down memory lane.

I also was able to meet with my directors, Brenda and Amy, as well as Frank Muir from the Idaho Potato Commission about some ideas for the next year. Which will be announced soon! One of which I was able to partake in later that week. But first I was able to speak at one of the board meetings for the Idaho Potato Commission. What a great group of people to be with, I can definitely understand why it is such a great company to work for after hearing everyone joke with each other and seeing all the smiles on their faces after I finished speaking. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year working with them!

Early in the week, I threw out the first pitch for the Boise Hawks game. And I thought I got nervous to go onstage for swimsuit! Try standing out in the middle of a baseball field with people yelling at you “Don’t throw like a girl!” How’s that for nerve wrecking! I was able to throw with a little 7-year-old boy named Nick who was just as calm as ever. He turned to me at one point and said “You look really nervous.” I told him I was a little nervous, because I didn’t want to make it look like Miss Idaho can’t throw! He responded with telling me that he never gets nervous because he’s used to being out there and in front of people. I asked him for advice then on how to not be nervous and throw a good pitch. His response? A little shrug as he said “Just make sure to throw the ball hard.” And that’s just what I did! From the pitcher’s mound all the way to the catcher at home plate! I must say, it was quite the slider and I felt pretty impressed knowing that if for some reason I forget how to play piano come Miss America, I can just throw the judges a few pitches!

The rest of the evening I was able to walk around and help out with the on field activities. I met a woman Lavonne who was with a rehabilitation group and probably was one of the most adorable and spunky women I have met in a long time. She sat in her wheelchair twirling her fingers around in her long pearl necklace. When she saw me her eyes lit up and she extended her arms out to me to pull me in for a hug. I wish I could have folded her up and put her in my pocketbook (as my nana would say!) because she was one of the funniest little ladies! She reminded me of the lady who sings “Hip hip, hippity hop” in the Wedding Singer. When I left, she told me I could call her Love and that she couldn’t wait to watch for me at Miss America.

I made a couple little friends that night as well. One little girl who was 3 named Kloe came running up to me and wrapped her little arms around my neck and just kept them there the whole time we talked. I asked her who her favorite player was, and she responded with Kyle Wilson (from the Boise State football team). Her mother said as far as Kloe was concerned, Kyle Wilson played every sport and was the best athlete out there. Later that night, Kloe and I ran hand in hand around all the bases as she ended with a big jump for her home run. What an absolute doll!

A couple days later I took a quick 28 hour road trip to Idaho Falls for a photo shoot with the Idaho Potato Commission. All I can say is what a beautiful background we had! Can’t wait to see the final pictures! We then proceeded to drive down a long dirt road to a little house out in the country where I was able to stand in awe next to fitness guru Denise Austin. Though next to her, I will admit my muscles that I typically am pretty proud of felt pretty puny, but I felt so inspired by her! She signed one of her new Pilate’s videos for me and I can’t wait to give it a try! If it means looking as good as she does when I’m her age, I will religiously practice Denise Austin Pilates! I was also able to watch her personality shine during a commercial to be aired in about a month.

After a quick but busy day, we all decided to stop for lunch at a little restaurant that had been around for decades. In the middle of no where, I didn’t expect to run into anyone I would know. But to my surprise, when I turned the corner of the restaurant I ran right into a judge of mine from last year, Lance Sellers! It was so great to run into him and be able to talk a bit. He was headed out with his bugling company for a hunting trip and just stopped by for a quick bite. Who would have thought in a town of just a gas station and little restaurant I would see him? But I was so glad to have ran into him.

Just as soon as we arrived, it was time to leave and head onto the next adventure. One more visit to Girl Scout camp for the summer.
My morning started off early as I drove up the long windy road to camp. The nice thing about being one of the first ones up in Boise is a. there isn’t a whole lot of traffic driving up to McCall so I was able to make it in a record time of 2 hours. b. the sunrise is absolutely breathtaking on the way up with it’s warm cast off the mountains and the way it shines through the trees and onto the river.
When I got there I immediately ran into many familiar faces I hadn’t seen in months. The camp was a mother daughter camp so it made my workshops a little more fun to have both the daughter and mother interaction involved. I had more of a focus on the importance of role models this time and being respectful of yourself as well as others. When we got to talking about goals, I bring up what a short term and long term goal is. One girl said her short term goal was to clean her room everyday and the long term goal was to help her mom clean the bathroom! We all had a good laugh at that one as the young girl sat cuddled up in her mom’s lap.
Another important topic I include is the importance of eating healthy, staying active, and taking care of our bodies. It must have been all the potato talk I’d been around that week because we talked about potatoes for a bit that day! How they are a great source of energy, high in vitamin c and potassium, and good for our bodies. One girl said she didn’t like potatoes but at the end of the workshop after I gave them their potato pins, she told me she was going to try potatoes again since I talked about them so much. Hopefully the moms were happy that I was encouraging healthy eating that day!
At the end of the day, one of the girls came up to me and gave me a huge hug and then put a folded up piece of paper in my hand. I tell the girls after we do our craft that they can’t read the notes inside their box until they go home. She told me I couldn’t read it until later and gave me a huge grin showing some of the gaps from the teeth she had recently lost. I gave her a hug right back and said thank you so much.
The ride down was a different feeling. Part of me was happy I wouldn’t have to drive up and down that windy road for awhile, that drive terrifies me! But the other part of me was so sad that I wouldn’t go to Girl Scout Camp as Miss Idaho ever again. I went to grab some dinner before heading out of town, and when I went to sat down I remembered the note that was in my pocket. I opened it up and inside it read “Miss Idaho has pretty hair, and she deserves to be Miss America.” I just sat there and smiled holding that piece of paper in my hands. I always take something from my appearances, but it seems that working with girls at my self-esteem workshops, I take even more and realize just how fortunate I am to be where I am at today. I bet that girl had no idea just how happy she would make me with that note, or that it would be hanging on my bulletin board until Miss America.

Goals for this week:

1. My daily work outs are starting to kick in full gear! I have Gold’s Gym and Sumit’s Hot Yoga to thank for keeping me motivated! With all the traveling I’ll be doing this next month though I need to figure out some alternatives to take with me.

2. Finish my script and outfit for the People’s Choice video to be filmed in less than two weeks in Orlando, Florida. I’ll keep everyone posted after it’s filmed with the details on how YOU can help me fulfill my dream of making it into the finals night of Miss America.

3. Go to Jumptime again in Meridian! Had such a blast doing aerobics on a trampoline, I didn’t even think about how sore and tired I was going to be from that work out!

hugs and love,


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