Dashing Through Mud, Into Potato Sacks and Funnel Cake!

After an exciting week in Orlando, it felt nice to be home to catch my breath before another busy week. Not too deep into that breath did I get before I received a phone call from the Girl Scout Office asking if I could do an interview with KTVB channel 7. I met with Carolyn Holly for the news at noon to talk about one of the things I love most, Girl Scouts and why it’s such a vital and wonderful organization.

We talked about all the things that Girl Scouts get to do including traveling abroad, earning badges, developing leadership skills, working well with others, and developing relationships with a diverse group of people.

I never get tired of talking about how wonderful Girl Scouts is, and that day was no different. I woman even stopped me in the bathroom that day to tell me how much she loved my dress and commented on how I must be going to a nice party. I thanked her and smiled, telling her about what I had done previously that day. She said I must love what I do a whole awful lot and it was quite obvious through the spark in my eyes that I had a true passion for working with Girl Scouts. With that comment she absolutely made my week.

The next couple of days were busy with piano lessons, working out at Gold’s Gym and Sumit’s Hot Yoga, working at White House Black Market , moving, and preparing for the Dirty Dash Mud Run that weekend. When Saturday came, I was refreshed and ready to dominate the 10k run through the mud with the Gold’s Gym team. The course was held at Bogus Basin and involved leaping over 5 foot haystacks, running on tires, steep hills, swimming through pools of mud, crawling over wooden walls and ladders, and finished with a giant mud slide which I proceeded to take on head first into a pool of mud.

I definitely did not know what exactly I was getting myself into. This race was far different from anything I had ever ran in. Unlike other races where you are timed, this race depended on how muddy you were at the end of it. And my team and I were covered from head to toe with only a huge line leading up to showers that dripped tiny streams of water to help get us cleaned up enough for the drive home. Even with being covered in mud, I still had people coming up to me and asking if I was Miss Idaho. Even covered in mud I can still pull it off! Probably will not be trying to work that at Miss America though. Despite the bruises, finding hay in my skin days later, and finding mud in places I didn’t even know could hold mud, I will most definitely be doing it again next year!

After taking a quick shower and getting cleaned up, it was time to get dressed up in the infamous potato sack dress and head to the state fair. I met up with Spuddy Buddy and we went to the agriculture area where we took pictures, signed autographs, and had a great time hanging out together. One little girl came up to me and started to stroking my arm. I smiled at her and she asked me why my arms weren’t soft like Spuddy Buddy’s arms were. I laughed thinking about how a couple of hours ago they were just covered in mud! I told her I should probably ask Spuddy what kind of lotion he uses so I can have soft arms too! She said I wasn’t a very soft princess and should ask Spuddy what he uses to have such soft arms. All I could do was just laugh, she was such a hoot!

I then saw a little face I recognized, but this with a few missing teeth! Sweet little Carly had lost a couple of teeth since the last time I saw her and she couldn’t wait to show me how her tongue could stick out through the missing teeth in the front of her mouth. We took a picture together and I signed a picture for her. When I looked over my should a couple of minutes later, I saw her sticking her head through a mural of vegetable cut outs and next to her was my face in the cut out of one of the vegetables! She just sat and giggled at her cleverness. I couldn’t help but to laugh myself as well.

Before we knew it, Spuddy and I had a whole group of new friends around us. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a giant potato and “Miss Potato” (what everyone was calling me that day)! Some danced with Spuddy, gave him high fives, others were trying to figure out how in the world I was wearing a potato sack and wanted to get a picture of the unique dress. We stayed until the sun set and afterwards I couldn’t help but to treat myself to a funnel cake (in honor of my Nana who loves them and made me crazy about them) and ride on one of my favorite rides, Footloose. I screamed my head off sitting in the front of the ride and felt like I was 16 again. Let’s just say after that day I slept very well that evening.

The next week, I helped out at one of our Girl Scout open houses to help recruit leaders so we could have more Girl Scout troops as well as talk to girls about joining and why they would have so much fun. I was able to work with a very good friend of mine who’s daughter was in my Daisy Girl Scout troop that I led several years back. Her daughter is now going into junior high and is one of the most supportive girls I know. I found out that night that the girls had been so persistent on going to Miss America that they wanted to sell enough cookies to be able to go, until they found out expensive it was. They then decided to have a Miss America party where they would all dress up in their best dresses and watch Miss America. She also told me they had been brainstorming ways to help buy me a dress for Miss America, she even told them how expensive the dresses were but they said they still wanted to so that I could wear it and think of them. My heart melted and I wish those girls had all been there at that moment so I could give them the biggest hug for being so thoughtful and making me feel so blessed to be part of such a caring and loving group of people. I can’t wait until I can visit their Girl Scout troop very soon.

I also saw a face that I had recognized from the fair that weekend. Little Jasmine was about 5-years-old and come to find out, as soon as she got home that night from the fair she had posted my picture right above her bed. I thought back to when I was a little older than her. I had had an NSYNC boy ban poster hanging above my head at the time, and who would have thought that one day my picture would be hanging above a little girl’s bed for her to see every night before she went to bed. That evening was full of special moments.

Before I left for the night, one of the Boy Scouts I had been talking to earlier was asking me about the questions they asked me in my interviews for Miss America and if they were all difficult. I told him it was a mix of questions, but they were meant to be asked to get to know me. He asked me if I ever talk about world peace. I shook my head and gave a little laugh telling him we really do want world peace, but we are just more specific with how we want world peace through the different platforms we all had. He then told me that he thought it would be a terrible thing if we ever did find world peace because it would put many people out of jobs. Police, firemen, people who protect us, politicians, and many others because they wouldn’t have anything to defend or stand up for therefore putting them out of jobs. It would really hurt our economy. I just sat there, I found myself at a loss for words. I would have never thought about that outlook. I told him I may need to sneak him into my interview to help me out at Miss America.

Upon leaving that night, one of the mom’s in the Boy Scout Troop asked me if I would come and talk to their Boy Scouts. I’ve had several Girl Scout’s ask me to speak at their meetings, but never a Boy Scout meeting. It meant a lot that she felt I could connect with a group of young boys and be influential to them. The last time I spoke to a group of boys, the main topic was about beta fish! So we’ll see if we can move the topic to something a little more, substantial. You never know what is going to be thrown at you though!

Goals for this week:

1. Figure out how to work out the kinks in my Google Calendar. Who would have thought with so many different email addresses it could be so difficult to make all my events on one calendar. Maybe if I was a little more tech savvy! Definitely will make my hectic schedule a little more manageable that’s for sure.

2. I’m in the middle of reading such an inspiring book about former Miss America’s titled Pretty Smart. My goal is to enjoy my reading and to take note of all the lessons I’m learning through their stories and insights. I would highly recommend it to anyone! Definitely makes you appreciative of the person you are while still giving you the motivation to strive for the best person you can be.

3. This seems to be a repetitive goal lately, but breathe! And take a step back from opening 40 different browsers with evening gown ideas. This is why your computer keeps freezing on you, so try to refrain and keep it at less than 20!

Much love and hugs,

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