Happy 90th Birthday Miss America!

I woke up early the next day to get a quick run in at Gold’s Gym followed by a tranquil session of hot yoga at Sumit’s before driving up to Sun Valley for the Idaho Grower Shippers Association 83rd annual convention. We spent what felt like forever driving around for the Dollar Mountain Lodge so we could check in and get ready for dinner that evening.
There was a reason our gps nav lady couldn’t find it, because it was not the inn we were supposed to stay at! When we did find the lodge finally, we asked one of the waitresses where we checked in. She looked at us like we must be incredibly confused because there wasn’t a place that we could check into, that was the Inn down the road. Definitely out of towners! We found out that we were staying in the Sun Valley Inn, and what a treat that was. Each night our beds were pulled down with chocolates on our pillows. The first night freaked us out a little when we walked in and music was going and the tv was on from them turning down our beds.

We made it to the dinner and were able to meet people from all over the country who worked for the Idaho Potato Commission. Many were from San Diego others from Delaware, Chicago, and various parts of Idaho. As we spoke, I found out that many had already been following my facebook and blog on a regular basis. I was tickled to hear that! We sat with Frank Muir, a few ladies from PR and advertising, and a man who’s grandparents were in the circus. That was just one of the many entertaining stories we heard from him that evening. I later found out that he played piano as well and was in a rock band growing up. He now plays for weddings and has been in the same wedding band that he played with in college for 26 years now back in Michigan. He said he has two bands. One called Free Fall where they book for $2000 a night, wear tuxedos, show up on time and play 4 sets of music and are on their best behavior all evening. The other band is the same music, same group of guys, but only $500 a night. The difference is they may or may not show up on time, they won’t wear tuxedos, but they sure do promise a good time for everybody! I told him when the day comes, I will have to give them a call because he was quite entertaining and brought tons of laughter to the table.

It was an early morning wake up call to make it to the 7:30 am breakfast meeting that day next day. The breakfast was absolutely amazing with potato quiche (and I have never been a quiche fan and absolutely loved it!) fresh fruit that was divine, and potato cinnamon rolls. All I can say about those cinnamon rolls is wow, I am so glad there were on the opposite side of the table or someone would have had to roll me out after breakfast! Frank Muir spoke about the accomplishments that the organization had over the past year and how much they grown. He talked about the new Great Potato Bowl and all the help that the Idaho Potato Commission will be serving in the community. After watching clips of what this past year has looked like, I realized just what an incredible opportunity I have been given to be working with such a strong and influential organization. I can only hope I am able to sit in on that meeting next year because I know this year is going to be an amazing one to be a part of.

At the end of the meeting I snuck out for a brief moment to change into my potato sack dress for a surprise entrance as Frank called me to the front of the meeting. It was such a blast to be wearing a potato sack dress in front of a group of potato lovers and enthusiasts.

Afterwards people stopped by my table for an autograph signing and to take pictures. An older gentleman came up to me and took my hand in between his hands as he smiled at me, “I think you are going to win Miss America,” he told me. Each time I hear that the same reaction happens. My heart skips a beat and then begins to melt into my chest, I find myself at a loss for words, and all I can do is smile. This time was no different as I put my hand over his hands and told him “Thank you, thank you so much. I really hope I do but even if not, it means so much to hear that.” And that’s the truth. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be Miss America, and I would so love to have that opportunity to be Miss America. But at the same time I realize only one of the 53 amazing women chosen to represent their areas in Miss America will be selected as the next lucky lady. So for me to hear that someone already thinks I could be Miss America, that’s part of America right there that I would be representing and they already have faith in me. That gives me all the confidence in the world. I wish I had caught that man’s name, but I will never forget his face and the way he made me feel. Just goes to prove one of my favorite quotes “People will forget what you say and what you do, but they will never forget the way you make them feel.” He made me feel like I already was Miss America that day.

Afterwards, I headed to the women’s luncheon, a tradition that had been going on for decades where the women would wear their finest attire and furs to it. I was able to talk a little about my year as Miss Idaho and the journey I went on to get to where I am today. I also talked with them about self-esteem, because no matter what age you are at, it is something that I believe is important to continue to discuss and grow from.

I then went trapshooting with some of the women from the Idaho Potato Commission where I realized there is a reason I don’t own a gun. I would be more of a threat to myself than anyone else with it! I made 2 out of the 25 shots I had and was quite pleased with those two even.

The next day I went to the best breakfast with my dad at Java and got Todd’s Competitive Edge Breakfast, my new favorite breakfast! Delicious vanilla yogurt, homemade granola, and fresh fruit. Perfect start before heading to ride the gondola to look over all of Ketchum, Idaho. It was absolutely breathtaking as we saw hang gliders drifting down from the top of the mountain.

We couldn’t stay long because then it was onto the Twin Falls Fair to put on the potato sack again! People were just as surprised as they were at the last fair at the fact that I was wearing a potato sack, for a dress. One man even talked about wanting to make a poster out of it similar to the one of Marilyn Monroe. Another woman wanted to know where she could get one just like it. Who would have thought my little potato sack dress would become such a popular one and quickly changed my title from Miss Idaho, to “Miss Potato”.

When I got back to Boise I started working on a video for Miss America’s birthday. 90 years ago, Miss America started in Atlantic City during Labor Day weekend as a swimsuit competition. Since then, it has added a platform to promote community service, added a talent portion, and is the number one provider of scholarship to women in the world. It’s amazing to see how far the organization has come and the impact the women involved have made on their communities.

I wanted to share a memory of mine about the first time I met Miss America because that was the moment that showed me what it takes to be Miss America and what the organization was about. I decided to try and film my video in Idaho’s Capitol. Going on a Sunday morning, I figured nobody would be out and about. I didn’t take into account it was Labor Day weekend and the day after the big Boise State Game against Georgia. Because of this we had many visitors admiring the beautiful marble interior and sculptures inside. We would have silence for 15 seconds and then even the drop of a pin would echo up the levels of marble in the building. One of the security men came by and let us into one of the rooms that had been closed off to the public. It was gorgeous! Here is the link to the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipU8xgDnxtk&feature=share

Goals for this week!

1. Put up a new blog in the next few days, have to have to! With so much going on lately, I have even more to say with less time to say it! But my goal will be to make the time to get it done this week!

2. Start working on my paperwork for Miss America, it seems to be never ending lately but feels so much better when it’s finally done!

3. Make my meals for the rest of the week so I have no excuse but to stick to my nutrition. No more chocolate covered pomegranates 😦 Time for delicious chicken, veggies, rice, apple sauce, egg whites, and oats. YUM! How long until I get tired of that? Sticking to it!

Until next time (which WILL be in the next few days.)

Much love and hugs!