Out with the old, in with the new chicky boo!

Out with the old, in with the new! I decided it was time for a new look to my blog, something bright, fresh, and bold. And with that, I’m trying to find a new title for my blog. I’ve found that when I get to writing, I can really get to writing. Therefore, the whole “a woman of few words” just didn’t quite seem fitting.

The official start of my summer vacation was nothing short of surprising and full of excitement. I was announced as the 2nd place recipient of a $1,500 grant from the Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s Community Pioneer Award. The grant will go towards the Silver Sage Girl Scout Council to help build new troops and camperships so that girls may go to Girl Scout Camp who may not have been able to afford to do so. Pioneer Federal Credit Union announced the winners at the Boise Hawk’s game that evening which was a fun excuse to head out with both mine and Luke’s family to enjoy a game. Dad was overjoyed with his Bill Buckner Bobble head that the first handful of people received upon entering the game. This was a huge deal to our family since my dad is from Boston which automatically qualifies my family as major Red Sox fans.

At the Boise Hawk’s Baseball game with dad!

For those of you who don’t know the story behind Bill Buckner, because I’ll admit I didn’t until my dad filled me in, here it is.

Bill Buckner is remembered for his error during the 1986 world series game 6 against the New York Mets. Boston was winning 3 games to 2 when they went into extra innings for game 6, the game was tied and Buckner was playing in the right field at first base. When New York Met’s, Mookie Wilson hit the ball, Buckner rushed over to it and it slid right past his glove and in between his legs. The Met’s score the winning run and went on to win the World Series.

We all walked away with our Bill Buckner Bobble heads with dad grinning all night eating his roasted peanuts (he’s a huge baseball guru) and me singing “Buy me some peanuts and apple jacks”. (Yes, I know it’s cracker jacks, but my family loves to make fun!)

I have been absolutely LOVING
being able to ride my bike everywhere again!

The rest of the week I was determined to make up for the early bedtime I had set for myself during summer school and the lost time I had to enjoy my summer. I hiked my little heart out, literally I thought my heart was going to initially hop right out of my chest, it had been awhile since I had hiked Table Rock. My goal is to be able to run all the way up Table Rock and down by the end of August. The trail itself is only a little over 3 miles there and back, but it’s the steepness as you get about halfway up that makes it difficult to run the entire way to the top. But my little running buddy, Sunni, and I are determined to make it happen!

I have also been trying to cross things off my summer to do list

1. Survive Summer School
2. Float the Boise River
3. Figure out possible internships (still in the process of figuring this one out!)
4. Catch up with friends I’ve been a major social butterfly the past couple weeks with dinners with girlfriends, window shopping, thrift storing with my sister, lots of walks with Sunni, coffee/cinnamon roll dates with Luke, and pretty much anything and everything that will allow my gabber to get gabbing away.
5. My new addiction to pinterest (thank you Meg Rowe!) has made me a DIY fool! My latest project I want to complete is a jewelry frame holder. You take an old wooden picture frame, put fabric on it, use old door knobs and handles, and hang your jewelry off of it. It’s been a little more of a task than I thought it would be.
6. Hike Table Rock
7. Midnight bike rides
8. Now that summer school is over, I would love to read a book that I actually want to read! Any suggestions?
9. Trip to Saturday Morning Market Luke and I checked this off this morning! We road our bikes down to the market and our mission was to sample the best locally grown fresh fruits, veggies, wines, and find this young man some homemade doughnuts! Which is exactly what we did, and walked away with some happy but very full bellies.

Luke, so excited to get some fresh doughnuts
at the Saturday Morning Market!

10. Garage Sales rampage! I…love…garage sales. I get it from my Nana, and she would not be proud of me if she knew I didn’t hit one up!
11. Take a spontaneous trip! I can’t quite take this one off yet, however Luke and I are going up to stay in McCall tomorrow for our friend Shannon’s wedding so that counts a bit. I’m going to have to work on this one.
12. Camping, camping, camping! In a tent! With no showers, best way to camp!

So many other exciting things have happened in the last couple weeks. I said it was full of surprises! My very good friend Emily got engage to her boyfriend of a couple years while I was house-sitting for them during their trip to Hawaii. What a beautiful bride she will be!

Speaking of weddings, my childhood best friend had the most beautiful wedding last weekend. I can’t imagine a more perfect couple than her and Kyle and a more beautiful wedding. It was the most wonderful evening as we celebrated them joining their lives. I got to spend time with my close friends that I grew up with, proudly stand next to my best friend on her special day, had my family there which is always a riot waiting to happen, the best dance partner to be a goof with, and there was a candy bar there! I went a little overboard on that after my successful attempt to give up sugar the week before. Just making up for lost time!

My other best friend Kelsey was in town before her big move to Singapore and it was so good to see her. She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world and I can’t wait to see what all she does this next year during her 52-week adventure in Singapore with her boyfriend Joey. They have even started their own blog if you want to follow their adventures. Which you probably should, because they are the most adventurous couple and will be having a new adventure each week during the next year. Be sure to check out and follow their blog!

That about catches up to where I’m at now. I only have a couple weeks to cross off the remaining items on my list so that’ll be one of my goals for the week!

As far as my other goals for the week

1. Find a new, fitting blog name to go along with my blog revamp!
2. I want to find a new hobby to get into…let’s see if I can find one this week that I can stick to since I have a slight case of hobby A.D.D.
3. Bring out the camera again, I’ve missed photography and it is about time to bring it back into my life again!
4. Run 1/2 way up Table Rock and all the way down…that will mean I just have 1/4 of the hike to add on and I will accomplish my goal for the month!
5. Lots of goals this week, but this one is a fun one that I know will be accomplished tomorrow! Dance my little heart out at Shannon and Jeff’s wedding with my handsome partner in crime!

Much love and hugs!



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