Absolutely falling for this fall utopia!

Fall has officially fallen upon us! I couldn’t help sneaking in a little play on words there, that’s how excited I am about it being Fall in the City of Trees. Biking through crisp leaves, enjoying all the bright colors, and the way the sun gleams off of the red, orange, and yellow leaves makes for the most perfect start to the day.

Yesterday I gave myself a 5:30 am wake up call (it ended up being 5:00 am because for some reason I couldn’t sleep) so that I could make it to hot yoga and over to finally see my parents who just came back from their road trip along the East Coast!

They had been gone for a few weeks and came back with Dunkin Doughnuts (dad’s favorite!), “Wicked Awesome” Salt Water Taffy from one of the oldest candy store in the United States, a Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox shirt (I could have squealed like a little girl at a Justin Beiber concert!), and a Kokopelli tattoo on dad’s forearm. Wait, what? Yep, my dad being the “little rebel” he is had gone and designed a picture of Kokopelli riding a bike through the Vermont Mountains with the initials B.B.B. in it.
The story behind it is that he and my mom met while leading bike tours and they fell madly and deeply in love while touring through the Vermont Mountains and his nickname for my mom has always been “Beautiful Blonde Bicyclist”. For the longest time my sister and I thought it stood for “Beautiful Blonde Biker Babe”. (He signs it on all her Christmas presents. My sister and I used to get grossed out by this nickname because we thought “babe” was too lovely dovey for parents to use, but now we think the story behind it is sweet.) It looks amazing though!

The other thing that I absolutely love about fall is an excuse to bring out my mug collection and drink an abundance of green tea. This morning I drank out of my Miss America bedazzled mug, one of my favorites, while catching up on my homework for the week and enjoying a piece of whole wheat toast with fresh bananas and homemade jam that a friend of my mom’s made. It was delicious and the perfect mid-morning snack.

This morning was the epitome of a Utopian run. And I had a feeling that it was going to be euphoric after I felt as if the universe had sent me a sign saying that today was just going to be a san-fran-tastic day. So far it hasn’t let me down! This was the sign that I received, and don’t laugh, because this is a “once every blue moon” sort of ordeal.

A strawberry standing perfectly straight up!
I just plopped it right down on my bagel thin and it landed like that. I like to call it, “The Leaning Tower of Strawberrizza”. Not only did I predict that this meant it was going to be a fantastic day, it was! I had the most beautiful 10 mile run (yeaaa!) up Bogus Basin Road and also got everything crossed off of my list of things to do today which means I get to start on things to do tomorrow, and possibly even enjoy a little home cooked relaxing dinner. Let’s see just how much the universe is feeling generous today!
By the way, did you all set aside 30 minutes of your day this past week to find a time of silence for yourself? How did you like it? I’m hoping you continue with it and absolutely loved every second of it or at least found value in it.
Here are my goals for this week
1. Break out the boots! Fall is here and it is time to bring out the colorful scarves, boots, leggings, and ever so comfy cardigans.
2. With the semester being a little busier than normal, Sunni and my runs have been a little on the sparse side. I need to find time this week to take him out on a long run and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’re having.
3. This one is kind of a surprise goal (for myself as well!) and I’m not sure it will be possible to get it done in the next week or two since it’s quite the task but I’m going to set a goal of working on it a little every day!
Go out and enjoy this lovely October day!
Much love and hugs!