Scream your head off, scare your pants off

      Another one of my favorite things about fall is corn mazes. Ever since my sister and I were little, my family has gone to different corn mazes and made quite the event out of it. Everything including hay rides to pick out our pumpkins to carve for the year, getting our faces painted, hot cocoa and apple cider, and of course goofy pictures to go along with our “corny” extravaganzas.

This year we started out with some of Mom’s delicious Chili Chicken Stew and decided to one up the other corn mazes by challenging ourselves to see if we could make it out of a haunted corn maze. Here’s the thing, I am the biggest scaredy cat known to mankind. When I was little, I ran into the living room to tell my parents to turn down the television because whatever it was they were watching sounded scary. It was a Toys “R” Us ® commercial. I was also the one who received a phone call while my friends and I were watching The Ring and there was nothing on the other line but heavy breathing. I was paranoid for months! Just a little background so you understand why this was going to be a huge challenge.

We layered up, grabbed some hot cocoa, and started venturing our way through the regular corn maze until the Field of Screams opened up. Then we proceeded to wait in line for what felt like forever. To my surprise, I was not even nervous. It helped that we had kettle corn and quite the entertainment with all the 14-year-old’s who were hyped up on sugar, lovey dovey couples who couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and some older women who were out for a ladies’ night and were very much enjoying themselves. We had no choice but to take some of the infamous goofy Nutting photos while we waited.

It wasn’t until I got up to the front of the line that I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach and slightly felt like I may have to go back and join the 12 years and under crowd. But in we went, my mom clasped onto my dad and I trying to clasp onto my sister who just wasn’t having it, initially. By the time we had made our way out of the Field of Screams, both my sister and mom had fallen face first over a corn-stalk and were flailing around on the ground, my dad was holding casual conversations with the chainsaw man, and I was attempting to discreetly walk/sprint out of the maze and into what I thought would be considered “base” once you made your way back into the real world. I was poorly mistaken. I realized once people were staring at me that one of the characters from the maze had chased me out and was continuing to breath down my neck with a chainsaw roaring in his hand as I tried to blend in with the crowd. I felt like at 4-year-old when I saw my family and started to run over to my dad in absolute terror of what had just taken place!

I wasn’t able to make either of the 3 DIY projects listed in my last blog, because I was busy making this masterpiece!

No, it’s not an abstract lamp shade and disregard the flower holder underneath it (this was the only way I could get it to stand up correctly). It’s a colorful, incredibly puffy tutu!

This weekend I am going to be running the Color Run with my mom and a group of friends. I told you about how bummed I was that my mom, sister, and I missed out on running our annual Women’s Fitness Celebration race. But I’ve been waiting years for the Color Run to come to Boise and have a feeling that after this year it may have to become another annual run. My mom and I decided we were going to get all decked out in crazy costumes. I won’t give away the rest of my costume but I was quite proud of my $11 masterpiece.

I bought an orange tutu that was premade because I didn’t think I would have time to make my own this week with the deadlines and projects that I have coming up. But once I tried the tutu on I decided it just wasn’t quite fluffy enough so I bought some extra tulle at the fabric store (which conveniently was 50% off for Halloween, double whammy!) and also found some extra fun gadgets to add to my colorful attire for the run. Then I cut the tulle into little strips and tied them in layers between pieces of the tutu that I had cut up individually as well. The final result? Well, you’ll have to see what it looks like in my post this weekend!

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day for me because I get to cross something off my bucket list! It involves one of my biggest fears and making a difference all at the same time. Think you can guess what it is? I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes!

Much love and hugs!

Genevieve Marie

Random Fact of the Day

Did you know that short periods of being afraid are actually a health benefit? The adrenaline increases your heart rate and oxygen and glucose are supplied to your muscles. It’s similar to a workout in that it increases your breathing rate and depth, similar to a cardiovascular workout. It also helps to relax you. This explains why I slept so well the night after being scared out of my mind at the Field of Screams!


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