Today I ran nine miles, and saved a life. Feeling like superwoman today!

I woke up early this morning to get my long run in before I partook in this morning’s adventure. I was a little anxious the night before so I didn’t sleep too well, but that didn’t stop me from finishing my 9 mile run for my training plan this week! Today was tough though and my warm bed almost won our morning ritual of trying to tempt me to stay in bed instead of venturing out into the chilly morning. Especially since it’s been very rainy lately. But once again, I knew I wouldn’t regret leaving my cozy comforter for my neon running shoes. I’m a believer that if I wear super bright colors while I’m running that first, it will prevent me from being hit by moving vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. And second, it’s added motivation to get out and get in an awesome workout. How can you not feel motivated by neon green, electric blue, and lemon yellow?

Because it was tough to get out the door this morning, I knew my playlist had to have incredibly high energy to keep my feet from dragging. Typically in the mornings I like to ease into my playlist with something light and upbeat, a little melancholy, and thought provoking. And slowly work my way into upbeat, energetic music. I wasn’t messing around today and started my morning off with some of my favorite go to songs to get my energy up.

Telephone– Lady Gaga

Avicci– Levels

Blue Suede Shoes (From the Viva Elvis Cirque Du Soleil) – Elvis

Technologic– Daft Punk

Everybody Dance Now (remix)– Bob Sinclar

Woohoo ft. Nicki Minaj– Christina Aguilera

Lights (Bassnectar Remix)- Ellie Goulding

Let Me Think About It– Ida Corr vs Fredde Le Grande 

I couldn’t resist busting this about halfway throuh   Sexy and I know it– LMFAO

Hello– Karmin

Die Another Day– Madonna

You Oughta Know– Alanis Morissette

Stronger– Kelly Clarkson

Push it– Salt N Pepa

This is one of those songs that I find myself jamming out to while I’m running or really any time it comes on. Lips start to mouth the words, then I’ll get a little head bobbing going on and before I know it my fingers start pointing and my hands start dancing and “pushing” during the chorus. I’m sure it’s quite the show for the drivers that pass me, and even more so for the other pedestrians who actually get to enjoy the show for an extended period of time.

Piece of Me– Brittany Spears

All My Life– Foo Fighters

Keep Up– Hyper Crush

It was just one of those days where I needed all the energy boosters I could get!

I raced home (literally, because I realized I was “pushing” it for time. Salt N Pepa can just be so distracting!) and got ready to head to campus with my roommate Ellie to join…..

the Red Cross Blood Drive

One thing I mentioned on my bucket list is that I want to donate blood one day. Two factors have played into preventing this from happening.

1. Needles freak me out. I have yet to go to a doctor’s appointment alone when I know there is the possibility of a shot or blood needing to be drawn.

2. Blood freaks me out. I sliced a tiny sliver off my thumb a few weeks ago when no one was home and was so distracted by the blood dripping out of my thumb (it was a gusher) that I started to space what you should do in that case. You should wrap it with a cloth and apply pressure to prevent it from bleeding. It took me a minute to get to that point but that just gives a little idea as to my feelings towards blood. I’d rather just think it will never leave my body.

Our other roommate had convinced us to give it a try since neither Ellie nor I had donated blood but had always wanted to. Without further hesitation we both made an appointment the night before and were headed in that next morning so there was no time to psych ourselves out.

Before going in, you are advised to drink plenty of water, have a protein rich meal, wear clothing that allows access to your forearm, maintain a healthy level of iron in your diet, and bring your id and a friend.

I didn’t have my protein rich breakfast until afterwards, but here’s what my breakfast looked like this morning!

Egg white scramble with brown rice, orange bell pepper, corn, and spices.

I took 4 egg whites and 1 yolk and started to scramble them in a pan. Then I added in 1/4 cup premade brown rice, 1/4 of a bell pepper, and 1/4 cup corn and scrambled them all together. I sprinkled a little taco seasoning and chili powder on top and enjoyed it with 1/4 of a fresh grapefruit and a cup of green tea. By the way, this meal is full of vitamin b because of the brown rice and eggs. I also enjoyed my Nalgene full of water since I needed to hydrate!

When we got in, we read several pamphlets on what to expect, what the blood is used for, restrictions from donating blood, and what to do after you donate blood. Then, we were taken into a little closed off desk where we were asked a series of questions  and a few tests to make sure we were healthy candidates. They tested our blood pressure and red blood cell count to make sure we weren’t iron deficient. The worst part for me was honestly the finger prick because it gives a little sting and makes a little gunshot noise. It’s not that bad, but because your fingers have more nerves on them, they are more sensitive.

Once we were approved, we were transferred to another room where they laid us down in a chair and propped up our arms. They cleansed our arm and used a new, sterile needle. I made sure to look the other way when they put mine in, I made the mistake of watching when Ellie’s needle was put in though! Then, they draw a pint of blood which takes about 6-8 minutes on average. For some reason my blood decided to start really slowly and the woman was concerned I wouldn’t be able to fill the bag without clotting. YIKES! She fixed a couple of things though and gave me a ball to squeeze which made it a much faster process and before I knew it I was good to go! You feel a little bit of a pinch as the needle slides in and another pinch as the needles comes out. Then, you place your arm over your head for 30 seconds, get all bandaged up, and are provided cookies and OJ while you rest for 10-15 minutes.

I’m currently in the middle of an intense bet with Luke on who can go the longest without our guilty pleasures. He has to go without fast food and I have to go without sweets and treats. Right around Halloween, too! No Reese’s and Swedish Fish for me. He had told me since I would need a little sugar after giving blood that this could be an exception to our bet, but I wasn’t about to back down that easily! For me, the orange juice was enough to get me going again.

Ellie and I were so happy after we had finished though! We even had to take a little celebration picture with our sweet bandages. After reading more, I learned that your body holds roughly 10 pints of blood, which means you are giving 10% of your blood when you  donate. But the effects that it has on other people’s lives are extraordinary.

After donating, you are advised to drink 24 extra ounces of non-alcoholic liquids and not to do any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise the remainder of the day. So I decided to take a light afternoon to do some homework and fill you in on my experience donating blood! I would highly recommend it to anyone and advise you to definitely bring a friend because it makes it a much more enjoyable process and helps spread the word. You can find out more information or make an appointment on the American Red Cross website.

Much love and hugs!

Genevieve Marie

Random Fact of the Day

Did you know that one pint of blood could potentially save not just one but three lives? Every 2 seconds, there is someone who will need blood. As a donor, you can donate your blood every 56 days!

Did you also know that you  burn about 650 calories by donating blood? That explains why I wanted to eat everything in sight afterwards! I tried to look up more information on this and I couldn’t tell if this was over the course of the next two days while your body was working on replenishing your red blood cells. But I thought that was pretty interesting, all those intense workouts and all I needed to do was donate blood!


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