I’ve tasted the rainbow, and it tastes like blue raspberry


I could hardly sleep last night, you’d have thought I was 8-years-old and today was Christmas. But no, today was the day I have waited YEARS for. The Color Run officially came to Boise! I’ve been signed up for a little over a month and have spent the last couple weeks putting together my crazy attire to take part in the most colorific run in the nation.

Sunni wanted to run with us in the Color Run! He wasn’t too happy when he found out dogs couldn’t partake.

I decided to rock my Color Run t-shirt with my lime green Newtons, neon pink and green high socks layered over pink cheetah print tights and white shorts that read “Color This”, and topped off my look with a little “Do It Yourself” orange and pink tutu. I wasn’t the only one decked out from head to toe. Other people had worn Red Solo Cup tutu’s, brightly colored afro’s and wigs, wild sunglasses, white tuxedos, and even the Mad Hatter made an appearance.

My team “Hot Potatoes” joined with my mom’s team “Disco” to have the wildest team made up of neon afro wigs, colored socks, bright tutus, and incredibly high energy! Luke’s leg prevented him from joining in on the color fiasco so instead his friend Alex took his place and we all had one fantastic time together.


I’m typically one who is ready to take off at the starting line and beat as many people around me as possible, but I realized within 30 seconds of running, this was not your typical competitive race. Instead the goal was to finish looking like you just stepped out of a “Taste the Rainbow” commercial. And I literally looked like I had just tasted the rainbow and found it was made of blue raspberry as my teeth turned a deep shade of blue from screaming and smiling as I ran through the Color Kilometer Zones.   

The Girl Scouts were one of the sponsors and had volunteers at the stations to throw colored corn starch at the runners and walkers. Here’s a tip, run on the outside and spin in circles when you pass the Color Zones. You’ll get much more color and after all, that’s the intent of wearing a white tee anyways! Also try to close your mouth and not breath in as you pass through the Color Zones (don’t pass out though!) otherwise you’ll have one “hack” of an experience during the rest of the run as you cough up colored mucus. I was the super classy lady spitting up blue and yellow all morning. Note to self, wear a bandana next time!

The finish line led to the wildest post-race dance party I have seen. Those crazy color runners were showing Boise how to party and get down “Gangnam Style” on a Saturday morning as they piled upon one another’s shoulders, exploded bursts of color in the air, and mobbed the stage. Okay, confession, I was one of them and walked out looking like Rainbow Brite threw up all over me. It was insane though! A huge mosh pit with dance offs, the Thriller, Cupid Shuffle, and various color throws where everyone would take a packet of color and burst it open in the air, creating colorful clouds which made it a little difficult to breathe but that could also have been from the constant laughter and dancing.

After a couple of hours of intense dancing and jumping up and down (I told you, mosh pit at it’s finest) it was time to head home and wash off the remnants of the post-party. I debated not showering and being a “Color Runner” for Halloween that evening when I realized the color had seeped through my clothes and my body was all green. My potato sack costume looked like it was going to be a moldy potato sack! It took an hour of intense loofah scrubbing as well as actually following the “rinse and repeat” instructions on my shampoo bottle. I took the liberty of repeating several times when I realized each time the water was still blue and green with every wash.  By the time I finished, the bathroom was covered in blue from where the corn starch had mixed with the humidity of the shower. So the bathroom got a deep cleaning as well! I’ll probably still be finding remnants of debris from the Color Run, I already am finding it in my ears and on my semi-permanent blue scalp. But it was by far the BEST run I’ve ever done. And I’ve participated in some awesome races (Remember the Dirty Dash anyone?)

If you’re thinking of participating in the Color Run, here is the advice I would give.

1. ABSOLUTELY sign up and do the Color Run! Make sure to sign up as soon as registration opens, in some locations registration will fill up immediately.

2. Have fun! That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? The race isn’t timed so there is no need to rush past people and sprint through the Color Zones.

3. Get a team together (signing up as a team will give you a decreased rate when you sign up and it’s much more fun to run with friends!) and get all decked out! Don’t wear your nicest running shoes and attire and don’t spend a lot of money because even though the color will wash out of most material, it still leaves a little residue on others. I bought a tutu for $10, cut it up, and put more tull in it to make it more puffy and more colorful. Then I added my pink tights that I got at the fabric store for $2. It was a huge successful and I didn’t feel bad that they were completely trashed at the end from all the color.

4. Wear a sweat band (you get one in your bag!) to keep sweaty chalk out of your eyes. Ouch!

5. Put oil in your hair before the run to make the washing process easier, my scalp is still blue!

6. Make sure to have your excess color blown off you at the end of the after party. They have people who will do this for you there. Otherwise you will get corn starch everywhere!

7. Don’t run with your phone and iPod unless you are going to place it in a plastic bag.

Definitely sign up and have a blast! Stay for the after party where they throw out extra bags of color and swag. My legs are still sore from all the dancing!

After showering and cleaning the bathroom, I realized I was running on empty and was starvin marvin after all that dancing! So I made some delicious french toast and eggs with grapefruit as I worked on my article for the Boise State Arbiter about my Color Run experience.

French Toast, Sunny Side Up

1 Sandwich Thin- I prefer Oroweat Honey Wheat. It’s only 100 calories and has 5 g fiber and 4 g protein with 22 g carbs

4 Egg Whites, with one yolk



1/2 Grapefruit

I mixed the eggs in a bowl and poured half of the eggs into a pan I sprayed with canola oil from Winco. I then took a pinch of sugar and sprinkled both sides of the sandwich thins with sugar and a few dashes of cinnamon. Cinnamon boosts your metabolism and can help your memory so feel free to use more cinnamon if you like!

Once the eggs start to lose their transparency, flip over for another minute or two on the other side. I prefer very eggs very well done, almost burnt, so I like to keep it longer. It’s texture thing, otherwise I can’t eat my eggs!

Remove from the pan and repeat with other slice.

Top off with a little syrup of your choice and enjoy! I love fresh grapefruit to finish off the meal. This meal sits light and still has a little over 20 g of protein. It isn’t super filling so on the days I want something a little heavier I replace with thicker bread like Dave’s Killer Blues Bread.

After I spent the afternoon finishing my article about the Color Run (look for it in this week’s edition), it was time to celebrate Halloween! I was going to wear my bedazzled Marilyn Monroe potato sack costume but decided I didn’t want to be in burlap all night. That meant I had 10 minutes to find a costume in under $10. Challenge accepted.  There I was, 10:00 pm on a Saturday night rummaging around the sparse Halloween accessories attempting to find anything that I could put together for a costume. I finally found some items and debated between a spider witch and a clown. I felt being a clown would be a little more appropriate for my personality and grabbed an oversized polka dot tie, big red nose, and popped the lens out of little kids sunglasses I found in the party favors aisle.

The result?

 It was a hit! Despite the fact that my nose kept falling off all evening, Judge Luke and I had a fun time clowning around with our friends and seeing what everyone else chose to dress up as. My favorite costumes were Max from Where the Wild Things Are and an amazing Audrey Hepburn costume. And of course my friend Kirky’s farmer costume!

I work on Halloween this year so I’ll miss dressing up and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, though Luke did ask me if it would be creepy if he took pictures of the trick-or-treaters instead. That wouldn’t freak out the neighbors at all! Maybe we’ll have some come by my work so I can still enjoy one of my favorite parts of Halloween, getting to see all the cute little costumes.

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

Random Fact: Did you know that leftover corn starch in your hair makes for an amazing volumizer? Okay, so I don’t know if that’s been beautician approved but I just have to say after that race I had some crazy volume in my hair. I may have to start adding this to my daily routine!


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