Christmas time is here!

Even though I only had one week off for Thanksgiving Break, and it didn’t quite feel much like a break, it was a little rough getting back into the groove of school this week. I made sure to keep my 6:00 am alarm consistent through break so I wouldn’t have my schedule thrown off for this week, but for some reason Monday and Tuesday’s wakeup call did not leave me feeling like a happy camper!

It helped that I had Sunday off to recoup after the Black Friday weekend madness. I was able to go to hot yoga that morning and enjoyed overnight apple baked french toast for brunch with Luke before we headed to the Festival of Trees.

The Festival of Trees is an event put on by Saint Alphonsus to raise money for different charities each year. Individuals, schools, and organizations will decorate trees where the trees are then auctioned off at the gala which kicks off the start of the Festival of Trees. At that point, the event is open to the public for the remainder of the week so people can admire the trees and enjoy performers during the event. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been involved with the Festival of Trees in one way or the other. I’ve decorated trees, been a judge to award the best decorated trees, played piano for many years in the lobby (one of my favorite holiday traditions), gone to the gala numerous times (once as Miss Idaho, which was a once in a lifetime experience), participated in the fashion show, volunteered as the “talking tree”, and look forward to this event every year. I was a little sad this was the first year I not only missed out on going to the gala, but also was unable to play piano in the lobby due to my schedule.

I was a little bummed out about not playing piano and not going to the gala until Luke told me no more frowney faces because we were going to be starting new traditions and were going to have a great time. Of course, he was right and we had a wonderful time walking around and admiring the creativity and thought that went into each tree. My favorite was a music box tree where the tree was placed in a giant music box and spun around like a dancer would in a jewelry box, a tree made by a local elementary school where each student wrote what they wished for Christmas, and a tree that was made up of antiques. It was incredible, and come to find out, was also designed by De (the producer of Miss Idaho aka Momma De). I finally felt as if Christmastime was here and I can hardly wait for all the holiday festivities!

After a little break, it was time to kick it in gear to get through the last few weeks of school. For my workout today I incorporated Jamie Eason’s Day 48- back and delts workout as well as an ab workout and a 30 minute cardio session. I followed it up with some tilapia and sweet potatoes brushed with cinnamon, coconut oil and agave maple nectar as I worked on homework for the afternoon. It was delicious, though the homework wasn’t quite as enjoyable. 24 more days!

I may be a little mia this week as I have two thesis papers to finish, an additional paper, and 2 presentations to prepare for in the next week. I’m going to need baby steps and deep breaths so I can get through this week! I also need to start finalizing my moving plans for New York since January will be here before I know it. Any advice on moving to New York City or places that I must go to? Being the list person I am, I’m starting to make a mini bucketlist for New York!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Tuesday!


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