Pancake Problems- 101 Recovery Program

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People say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So here I am admitting I am addicted, with a capital “A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D”, to protein pancakes. Growing up, I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch and remember an episode where she is addicted to pancakes and has to bring her own syrup with her everywhere to devour over pancakes.


That’s about where I am at. I’m not sure this is an addiction I want to recover from though.  After making peanut butter protein pancakes and dreaming of the fluffy, peanut buttery goodness of them, I have been incorporating them into breakfast, lunch, and contemplating them as a dinner entrée as well. Is there a way to preserve the freshness of pancakes like protein bars and carry them around with you wherever you go? Someone needs to come up with that invention, and I will gladly accept it as a Christmas present.

I’m sure you can guess what I had for breakfast this morning then.


If you guessed protein pancakes, you are just brilliant beyond words and deserve a pat on the back, or some homemade pancakes of your own Winking smile. Today I got real crazy and threw in some dried berries, added a side of Morningstar Maple Flavored Vegetarian Sausage Patties, and topped it off with some freshly sliced grapefruit.

I got a late start to my workout today and paid for it when I arrived at the gym only to see the weight room flooded with men. There was not a bench to use in sight, or a woman! Ladies, where were you this morning??

Because I took yesterday off for a break, kind of, I was more than ready for a good sweat which I most certainly got after my chest/abs/cardio workout. Though I think half of that sweat came from the fight I had to put up to actually get a bench and smith machine this morning. No worries, no fist punching was involved Smile.

Let’s recap yesterday though, because yesterday was a very, VERY exciting day. I would consider myself a productive person and don’t like to wait until the last minute to have things done, though I do well under pressure. The one thing I have procrastinated over the years is getting my Christmas shopping done. This generally leads to shopping with the rest of the Christmas procrastinators which is not a very enjoyable experience. Not this year though, I spent the entire day starting and finishing my entire Christmas shopping! Minus a few gifts I have to get online. But besides that I am done, and all before December even started. While I was out, I couldn’t help but to stop at my favorite place to find deals, Tj Maxx.

As you know, I’m busy getting ready to leave for New York in a little over one month to intern at Women’s Health Magazine. I thought the hard work was going to be applying, interviewing, and actually getting the internship position. But I am quickly realizing one doesn’t just pack up and move to New York. I’ve been working on my living situation, finding a job, filling out paperwork, and a little more on the fun side, updating my wardrobe! What girl wouldn’t love to change her wardrobe right? “Out with the old and in with the new” has been my motto as I go through my old abundance of clothing and am looking for fresh, professional and mature “New Yorker” clothes. I thought it would be easy to get rid of old clothes to replace with fun and new clothes, but I forgot how sentimental some pieces can be.


After spending a good hour and half going through my closet and dresser, I finally had put aside a massive pile of clothes to sell and another pile to donate to the Salvation Army. There were a few pieces I haven’t worn in several months but still couldn’t get rid of  because of the memories they hold. The top on the far left I wore for my headshot for Miss America. The “happy red” top (my favorite color to wear)was what I decided to wear on my first date with Luke after trying on literally dozens of different outfits. I haven’t worn it since then but can’t get myself to give it away. After telling my mom this story, she told me she still won’t let my dad give away his red flannel shirt he was wearing the first time she saw him. That shirt has gone down as the “Dad’s sick today and just needs some loves” symbol to my sister and I over the years and we told dad he couldn’t get rid of it either. I wore the sparkly top at Miss America when they announced the top 15, and I was left in the “losers lounge” with Kentucky holding back tears. Sad moment then, but also a very proud moment because we had made it so far and were surrounded by some of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. I even found a Snicker’s wrapper in the back pocket of the jeans I wore with that outfit. I had snuck a few in my pockets just in case we didn’t make it so we would be able to devour sugar while watching the remaining women compete in swimsuit! That’s how long it’s been since I wore this outfit, but I can’t get rid of it because it will always remind me of sitting with Miss Kentucky at Miss America, holding hands and not saying a single word but knowing exactly how one another felt at that very moment. The black dress I wore during opening number at Miss America and also danced all over Las Vegas in it for our “music video” for the finals night. I also wore it at a wedding in McCall, Idaho with Luke where we devoured sushi overlooking the McCall Lake. The dress on the right I wore for my onstage question at Miss America, and one of the best onstage answers I have ever had. Notice a pattern in my selection? That year had a significant impact on my life, as well as my wardrobe selection apparently!


How about back to some exciting news? Along with getting rid of clothes, I have been adding trousers, blazers, skirts, nice tops, boots, dresses, tights, flats, and of course some funky jewelry to top it all off. I couldn’t pass up these when I was out Christmas shopping though. I wanted a bright top to go under my blazers and also a couple skinny belts to wear with my jeans and trousers. I was ecstatic to find these pieces! The Express blazer was from my arrival outfit at Miss America (another piece I will never be able to get rid of!)

Mustard yellow and cobalt blue button up chiffon top- $12 (Original price $48, a savings of $36)

Gold bedazzled chunky necklace- $3 (Original price $14, savings of $11)
and my proudest find (because I absolutely love Vince Camuto’s designs)

Vince Camuto gold spiky belt- $7 (Orignial price $49, a savings of $42)

Due to the fact that I would be giving away the rest of my Christmas shopping for others who may be reading this, I can’t express my joy in my other finds. But I can’t wait to see the look on their faces Christmas mornings. I LOVE giving gifts on Christmas!

After a day full of shopping, I decided to stop by my parents place where I came home to find this.


My official acceptance letter as an intern with Rodale Publishing Company! Now I just need to fill out the remainder of the paperwork, finalize my living plans, pack my suitcases, and I will be all set to go!

I just was given three new assignments for The Arbiter and am ecstatic about the topics. Though they are going to require a little bit of research, so you know where I’ll be spending my afternoon/evening. Hello cup of tea computer screen for the next few hours!

What are some pieces of clothing you just can’t seem to get rid of even if you haven’t worn them since the dark ages?

Also, what are some of your favorite activities to do around the holiday? I’m looking for a few ideas for my next article!


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