Moving from a city that rolls up their carpets at 10:00 pm, to a city that seriously never sleeps.

Moving has officially absorbed every ounce of my spare time. Between the holidays, moving and deciphering what should stay or go or just be thrown out forever, and spending as much time as possible with family and friends, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for much else. Sadly making me MIA from the blogging world. Though I do have a Christmas post just biting at the bit to be released! Photos were not working with me though so I’m choosing to delay that post to update you on my first night in my new home…New York City!


It’s never easy saying goodbye to a place you have called home for….well almost my entire life. That being said, I didn’t really know what to expect or how I was going to feel. This last week my goal was to spend so much time with my family and Luke that ultimately ended up absolutely sick of me and wanted to get me out!

With some of my best girlfriends the night of my farewell dinner, a couple of the most wonderful ladies you will ever meet!

We all definitely spent an abundance of time together, though by the time the last 24 hours of my stay in Boise rolled around I was left a blubbering, incoherent girl who you would think was saying goodbye to life as I know it forever. And that’s partially true, as I know this experience is going to challenge me to grow in many ways. However, I know I’ll get to see my family and friends again in 6 months. But right now that feels like for-ev-er (as the kid in the Sandlot would say!)

Being our goofball selves one of my last weekends in Boise Smile

After a family dinner at Bardenay and saying a rather difficult goodbye to my little sister and Sunni, it was time to put my packing skills to the test. I feel like I’m an expert at packing the most things in the smallest amount of space now. This resulted in kicking me in the but as I managed to pack almost everything left into one suitcase that ended up weighing nearly 80 lbs. Holy shmoly. That suitcase had to go on a serious diet and I was finally able to get it down to a skinny 51 lbs, success.

last meal

The last meal, as my dad called it!

We managed to avoid a dramatic cinema farewell at the airport, or so I thought. The guy behind me in security gave me a hard time about how he could spot my family out there. It was all I could do to try and laugh and joke about it while resisting with all my might from pulling out the Niagara Falls tears on him.

There are a few things I made sure to pack to make my plane ride was smooth, quick, and tear free as possible. I knew it was going to be difficult for me to sit still because I felt like a bipolar, giddy girl who was ready to burst at the seams with excitement at any minute or who could also just throw her arms around anyone who looked like they would give a good mom hug and allow me to let out a few blubbering sobs that only a mother could understand. I knew I had to keep my mind distracted.


1. Glasses- after getting less than 4 hours of sleep and a brutal 4:55 am wake up call there was no way contacts were going in this morning!
2. Water bottle- since I get incredibly dehydrated on planes.
3. Burts Bees- for the same reason as above
4. Airborne- there is no way I’m risking getting sick!
5. Little mementos I put in my pocket that were given to me by my mom and sister. My mom always puts rocks and seashells in her pockets from our girls camping trip to remind her on tough days what makes her happy and the love that we have. So I put a sand dollar my sister found for me from her last trip to the ocean and a little heart and “kisses” from my mom before I left. It was nice to be able to touch them and know mom was probably thinking about me whenever I was thinking about them. 

6. iPod and headphones- helps to drift off for a little nap and also blocks out a lot of unhappy screaming babies, which my flights were inundated with!
7. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?- one of greatest laugh out loud books by Mindy Kaling. I love that she is real and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. This was a perfect distraction for me and I nearly finished the entire book today, that’s how much I loved it!
8. Last but not least, my Lucky Charm bear “Jennifer Beary”. My parents gave it to me for good luck awhile back the year I competed and won the title of Miss Idaho. Ever since then it has traveled nearly everywhere with me to ensure safe travels and the best experience everywhere I go.

Here’s a little unknown fact about me. People who have a phobia of flying tend to feel this anxiety when in flight. For me, it happens when I get off the plane and have to find my luggage. I’ve had people walk off with my luggage, lose my luggage, and I have even forgotten what color of luggage I packed. All this has left me with the worst anxiety when I go to get my baggage. I’m constantly watching to see if anyone is walking off with a bag that looks even remotely like mine and the instant I see my bag I’m ready to pounce on it like someone who hasn’t ate in days and is being fed a gourmet meal for the first time. Nobody better touch  my luggage! I made it through today and even got through my first taxi experience. Taxi’s are another thing that freak me out, especially when riding in alone. As soon as I sat in the passengers seat and told the driver where I was going I started to feel uneasy. What if I told him East instead of West? What if I can’t find my apartment? What if I end up in the wrong place? But as soon as I saw New York City’s skyline I felt everything go away and I started to smile. I was finally here and it was going to be okay!

I managed to find my apartment and sat down with my roommate for some advice on transportation, groceries, gyms, where to run (and where not to), the library, what parts of town to stay away from, etc. After our discussion and me taking a stroll around the neighborhood for something to eat this is what I learned.

1. I have been ridiculously spoiled by Winco’s bulk section and the ability to buy 5 dozen eggs and only $1.50 worth of freshly ground peanut butter if I want to. Groceries here are at least double if not triple the price of those at home and the aisles are very small and everyone is in a rush. I have a feeling my leisurely days of grocery shopping are soon to be over.
2. However, there is a market that allows you to make your own salads by the pound and they have everything, I mean literally everything you can imagine to put in it. I enjoyed a cranberry, almond, feta, chicken spinach salad tonight which was delicious after a full day of travel.
3. Do not go past 120th St. I think she said in some instances it may be okay, but I’m not risking it. 120 and lower is where I will be staying!
4. Where Whole Foods was known as the swanky expensive place to get groceries in Boise. here it the best deal. Today I’m out to find the steals of deals for groceries, New York style.
5. This really is the city that never sleeps, which means even if you do plan to sleep do not plan on sleeping past 8:00 am (6:00 am Boise time). That was a fun surprise this morning!
6. The best way to get to know a city is to get out there and explore which is exactly what I plan to do today!

I’m lacing up my running shoes as we speak and getting ready to head out and explore my surroundings! The nice thing is it’s actually warmer here than in Boise so that’s a little more motivation to get up out of bed and see everything that’s out there!

Happy Friday everyone!

Have you ever moved away from friends and family? Were you by yourself? What helped you to settle in and become comfortable with your surroundings?

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