Walking 2.5 miles, for a couple stacks of hangers and $1 albacore tuna

      As you can probably tell by the title of this post (or my previous posts leading up to this), I am well on my way to adapting to my new lifestyle here in Upper Westside Manhattan. Granted, I know I have a long way to go and can’t call myself a “New Yorker”, but yesterday was a very monumental day for me because yesterday was the day I was able to confidently give directions to a lady who was lost. With no hesitation I pointed her in the right direction and told her exactly how to get to the location she needed to go to. Shortly after, that feeling of “Call me Miss Know It All” was humbled when a man asked me if there was a Whole Foods in the area. Given the fact that I was a couple miles away from my Whole Foods that I go to, I told him I didn’t believe so but that there was a Trader Joes. Only after I walked past him did I remember there was one right around the corner. At least I was able to point one lady in the right direction!  errandsoutfit

Typical errand running outfit. Good walking shoes, puffy warm jacket, big durable bag. All ready for some serious walking!

     I officially unpacked my last box today and am all moved in which is a wonderful feeling. Since my room is very small and there is no closet, I have to get creative. I ordered this closet and put it together a couple of nights ago. Here is the final result!

finished closet

     I love that I didn’t need any tools for the closet and it stores everything I want. Because I have to look at it every night before I go to sleep, I went out and got a curtain to go over it so my OCD self won’t be kept up by how busy it looks, even with it being as organized as it is. Curtains are pretty expensive and I didn’t want to drop an arm and a leg. So I decided to go for a nice shower curtain liner (of all things!) and used shower curtain holders to secure it to the closet. Tada! How’s that for little Suzy homemaker?
    Another way I’m trying to be resourceful is by making my own peanut butter. I found peanuts on sale yesterday (next to albacore tuna that was on sale 10 for $10….so I bought the last 10 and placed them in my bag) and found that if I made my own peanut butter I would be saving a couple dollars a pound. Okay, that doesn’t seem like much but for a peanut butter lover like myself, it all adds up. What I didn’t keep in mind was that I was going to have to carry my 4.5 lbs of peanuts and 10 cans of tuna over 2 miles to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and back 2.5 miles to my apartment. You would have thought I could have waited until on my way home but I didn’t want to pass up on a good deal and have them be all out when I got back! There has to be a tuna obsessive lover out there somewhere in Manhattan. If so, contact me, we should become friends.

Look for tips on how you can make your own peanut butter in my next post! You’ll never want to go back to regular peanut butter again!

     I then made my way to the biggest Bed, Bath, & Beyond I have ever been in. It was at least four floors and had absolutely everything you could think of. I even got lost trying to get out of there. I ended up walking out with two pack of 10 hangers, a pack of pant hangers, a bottle of Tide stain remover (since it’s significantly less expensive there), and a space saver counter insert for my cupboard since space is limited in our teeny but quaint apartment. I was loaded up and ready to trek the 2.5 miles home and was I ever glad I had carbo-loaded with some protein pancakes that morning before I left!


    I made my peanut butter protein pancake recipe only I added sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and topped it off with some delicious strawberry preserves.
      Unfortunately my carbo-load was wearing off and it was definitely time for some lunch. Fortunately though I was in one of my favorite parts of Manhattan that I’ve explored so far. Lincoln Square is the best place to people watch and just sit back and enjoy life. The buildings are gorgeous and gives you a feel of old style Manhattan mixed with the modern day. If I move after this and decide to stay in New York, I think I would love to look into living here. Also, it’s in the same area where Live! with Kelly and Michael is filmed. That being said, Kelly Ripa has been spotted on numerous occasions and the Starbucks across from her studio is one of the busiest Starbucks because people go there to star search/stalk.
      I ate at a place called Café 72 and ordered a Chicken Italiano Panini on wheat. I had asked the man if it was okay to substitute a wheat Panini instead of the white it was typically on even though they were already premade. He just smiled and with a thick accent said “No problem at all my dahling! Anything for you!” Everyone behind the counter was laughing and joking with each other, you’d think they weren’t even at work they were having such a good time.
     After enjoying my Panini and writing a couple of letters, I wrapped up the rest of my Panini for later and put it in my bag to cart home. On my way home I passed a fruit stand that had blueberries and apples less expensive than the stand by me. That’s another thing I love about here is you can find fresh fruit everywhere and for cheaper than back home typically. Because it’s fresh and ready to eat, I buy in small quantities so I feel like I’m always picking up fruit. I bought a couple packs of blueberries, two apples, and a giant avocado. “Okay, Genevieve. Enough is enough. You have everything checked off your list and you have two more miles until you get home. Let’s try to get home with your arms still in tact shall we?” Yes, I do carry on conversations with myself in my head, especially when I know I need to get going. I have a rule that I’ve set for myself while here in New York. If a place is less than a couple miles away, I refuse to use public transit when I know I can walk for free. Not that it’s super expensive, but I’d rather save the money and get a little exercise. I almost broke that rule yesterday because I had so much to carry. But I made it back, arms in tact and everything!
     Today I woke up early, even before the workers that have been whistling and singing outside of my window were there. That’s how I knew it was early and it was nice to wake up to silence rather than drilling. Though I do enjoy the Italian serenading.
    I slipped on my running gear to go run Central Park before I could talk myself into just going back to bed. There were a ton of dogs out early in the morning, and I saw nearly a dozen golden retrievers. One ran up to me with a ball in his mouth and it was all I could do to resist stopping what I was doing to play with him. I finished my run with a loop around the lake which is elevated above Central Park and overlooks all of Manhattan. It’s absolutely gorgeous and made me wish I brought my camera or phone to take a picture.
    After that I made a quick batch of protein pancakes and got ready for my interviews. I got all done up in burgundy skinny pants, a black lace top with a black suit jacket and long gold necklace, and my black flats with gold embellishments on the toe. Confidently I walked out the door ready to walk through the door and get the job! As I was walking, I felt like my shoes were getting wet, but it wasn’t raining so I continued on. Then my left leg started to feel wet but when I checked it didn’t feel like it was wet. Only before I was about to walk into my first interview did I realize my water bottle had spilt in my purse and my left leg was now covered in water. One of the men working there kindly told me “Miss, excuse me miss. But did you know you’re leg is all wet?” I told him about what happened and he asked what I was doing here. I told him for an interview, and that I was certainly going to be making an impression going in with wet pants. To this he laughed and said I would surely be remembered and wished me good luck. Both interviews today went great! Though it started drizzling on my way back so I decided to stay in the rest of the afternoon to finish some work and also start putting together a list of some of the things I want to do while in New York. I had received a book in the mail from a family friend about the markets in New York which made me incredibly excited to venture out the ones that are in season right now! 
Have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you before or during a job interview? How did you handle it?

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