Whip it, whip it good!

Yesterday I managed to make it through “Whipped!” during my first class at Equinox. But boy was my body hurtin’ today!

The class was a 45 minute circuit interval training course which involved full body workouts and plyometrics. There were 5 different stations with two different workouts to perform for 30 seconds each. You would do both those workouts two times before moving onto the next station and then would rotate two times to complete the circuit. I remember after the first round my face was already dripping sweat and it had only been 20 minutes!

The workouts included medicine ball slams, medicine ball push ups, lunges with a body bar and twist, jumps, side lunges, upright rows, and a few others. But the most challenging station was moving from mountain climber sliders to seeing how fast you could move heavy ropes up and down. I’ve seen this move on The Biggest Loser and definitely  underestimated how difficult it is. My arms were exhausted afterwards, but I’m crazy enough to give it a go again tomorrow!

Source: Simply Shredded

I followed up my workout with a Pure Protein Frosty Chocolate protein shake to help refuel my muscle recovery. I like the taste and consistency of this particular protein and find that it mixes well. I also like that it has 25 g of protein, only 2 g of sugar, and 8 g of carbs.

Today was my first day in the office of Women’s Health Magazine. I can’t even put into word how enthralled I was to walk through those front doors and up to Rodale’s office.
First day outfit with my “happy red” purse that I have been saving for my first day. I felt like a giddy little kid picking out my outfit for the first day of school!

I’m the editorial intern and have my own little office right next to the window overlooking 3rd Avenue. Today I met the editors and most of the staff and have already been assigned research, been working on projects, looking over pdf’s, and transcribing interviews for PR. It was a busy first day but I absolutely love it!


Since I got an hour lunch and didn’t bring my own today, I went to a local salad and sandwich shop where you can make your own salads. I got a spinach salad with roasted chicken, dried cranberries, feta, and sliced almonds with a side of grilled cauliflower. I’ve been on a cauliflower, kale, and butternut squash kick since I’ve been in New York and have found that I love the texture and taste of cauliflower plus it’s loaded with vitamin C, helps the digestive system, and also b vitamins! I’m looking to make a cauliflower crusted pizza but right now our oven is a little out of commission. I’ll keep you posted when I can make it though, the recipe looks to die for!

It’s been a packed day, but tomorrow I’m hoping to try out another class at Equinox so I need to make sure I get my sleep so I have enough energy to keep up!

What is the craziest or most difficult workout or exercise class you’ve done? Did you get yourself to do it again, and how did you motivate yourself to give it a go around the next time?

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