Gearing up for cold weather, no excuse to miss your morning workout now!



Working at Women’s Health has been the best experience so far. Everyone who I work with is very welcoming, insightful, thinks outside the box, and I love the assignments I’ve been working on. The thing that’s been tough though is trying to fit in my daily workouts. By the time I get off work it’s dark and my body is absolutely exhausted after working and riding the subway home. So my only choice is to wake up at 5:30 am and head out for a run when it is dark and incredibly cold. Because of these aspects, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get out the door and on my way. The thought of submerging my body into conditions that make my fingers go numb, my ears tingle, and my lungs feel like they’re breathing in icicles just makes me want to hit the snooze button and lay in bed until summer comes around. No more excuses though, I’ve put together a workout attire and plan that’s sure to put a little warmth in the belly and help maintain feeling every limb in the body throughout an entire workout no matter how low the thermometer drops this winter.
Cold Weather Running Gear

These are the basics that I will lay out the night before I head out for my morning run and I know it’s going to be freezing outside. That being said, here’s my first tip.

1. Lay out everything the night before. And I mean absolutely everything from what clothes you’ll workout in to the undergarments you’ll wear to every piece of accessory you’ll need. Especially if you’re working out in the morning or you’re taking everything with you to work so you can workout after work. This way you won’t forget anything and all you have to do is wake up, slip it on, and run out the door before you can talk yourself out of it.

Here’s what I lay out
      Thermal Nike long sleeve top with an extended turtleneck (keeps mouth warm)
       Sports bra
       Windbreaker jacket (Not pictured. I like to have a windbreaker on top that is light and also has a couple of pockets for me to put my keys in.)
       Ankle socks (Sometimes I’ll wear high socks if it’s going to be especially chilly.)
       Running shoes
       Ear warmer headband (I like one that is fuzzy on the inside for warmth and has a wind blocking material on the outside. Otherwise I get headaches from the cold.)
      Touch gloves (I prefer TouchTec women’s gloves because they are smaller and the whole hand is touch material instead of just the fingertips.)
      Ipod and headphones
      Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm (I take this with me on my run also.)
      A mug with a bag of tea to warm my belly before heading out the door!
2. If working out in the morning do NOT hit the snooze. This just makes it more difficult to get out of bed. If working out after work, go immediately upon leaving work. Don’t go home to get your stuff, you will only feel tempted to sit down and then you’re settled in.
3. If necessary, try putting hand warmers in your gloves. Also, resort to touch gloves (I love mine because they are touch all over so my iPod will respond to any part of the glove). This way you don’t have to take off your glove to change your mp3 player or your phone.
4. Take a few sips of a warm cup of tea. Careful how much you drink though! Bathroom breaks are no fun in the middle of a workout.
5. Have a mantra or motivation to get you through it. I tell people this all the time but I’ve never had a workout or run that I’ve wished afterwards I had just stayed at home instead of going out. You’ll be so happy you did it when you’re finished! Remind yourself why you’re exercising. Is it to fit in that little dress or be confident wearing your swimsuit? Is it to lower your blood pressure or work towards a healthier lifestyle? Are you wanting to prove to yourself that you can rise above a challenge? Tell yourself why and picture this while you’re working out.

6. Lastly, have a go to playlist to get your heartbeat pumping and your motivation flowing. Maybe it’s a beat that you can’t help but to feel energized and ready to kick some major booty or maybe it’s a feel good song that makes you feel inspired. Or maybe you need a song that gets your blood boiling and your heart racing. Whatever it is, put together a list and turn it up before you’re even headed out the door.

I do a couple other random things to help me get moving in the morning. First I’ll brush my teeth and wash my face with an orange melon cleanser so I feel fresh and clean as I get ready to head out. Something about the peppermint and burst of citrus wakes me up and I feel refreshed. If I’m really struggling to get out the door, I will make my bed so I can’t feel tempted to just crawl back in it and I’ll also hide all electronics so I’m not tempted to respond to emails or get distracted by Facebook, Pinterest, or even blogging. Getting plenty of sleep the night before will help you to maintain a high level of energy as well a making sure you’re taking care of your immune system by incorporating plenty of vitamin c and vitamin d in your diet. I also make sure to stay in well lit areas where there are other people if it’s super early in the morning.

So what are you waiting for? Start putting together your go to playlist and lay out what you need for your workout tomorrow morning. Here in New York City the temperature for the next week is supposed to get down in the teens, yikes! Better stock up on tea and hand warmers!

What do you do to keep warm when it’s chilly out and you need to workout?

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