One-legged burpees and Storm Nemo

This week, during another one of my weekly explorations of the city, I stumbled across one of the greatest treasures I’ve found since being in New York City. You know of my hot yoga addiction, and I’ve been on a mission for a good studio in the city for a price that I won’t have to forgo eating for a week to afford.

                               Yoga to the People

This is a nationwide program that brings the practice of yoga back to what it was created for in the first place. A way to strengthen the mind and body for not just those with an abundance of money, time, and experience, but for anyone and everyone. They understand that people have busy lives (therefore they offer a variety of times), that everyone is a beginner at one point in their lives (they have a very inviting atmosphere), and not everyone can fork out hundreds of dollars just to do yoga (they have several donation based classes or reasonable prices for other classes).

                                     source: Yoga to the People

I first tried the hot Vinyasa class which is in a 100 degree room for about an hour. It was absolutely packed but the view from the window overlooking snowy New York City made for a one of a kind practice. I decided to try the 90 minute hot yoga class the next day which is similar to Bikram’s hot yoga. My body was incredibly sore after those two classes since I haven’t done hot yoga in about a month but I was ecstatic to not only find a hot yoga studio I could afford, but also one close to my work!

The one thing that makes practicing hot yoga in New York a truly unique experience, is having to go straight from class to jumping on a 20 minute train ride home. I pray people think I just hopped out of the shower and don’t realize that I’m actually drenched in sweat taking public transportation. I informed my roommate of my concern for everyone on the train after I’m done with hot yoga and she just laughed and said that was far from being one of the weirdest things people experience on the train. I’ve experienced a few interesting train rides including being yelled at by a lady for standing too close to her (it gets packed and you lose your sense of personal space), people giving speeches, and eavesdropping on some conversation that make me wish I had taken the next train.

gapfashion   fashion week

This week also had many other one of a kind New York experiences. To kick off Fashion Week, I was my friend Alex’s plus one to a Gap Fashion Party with fashion blogger Kendi Everyday. We enjoyed sipping fresh pomegranate cocktails and visiting with other bloggers from around the city. Towards the end of the night we both put together an outfit to Instagram for a chance to win a $500 gift card. We couldn’t pass up that opportunity!


  Central Park at the same spot where I took my very first picture in NYC!

I also experienced my first East Coast snowstorm, Storm Nemo. I woke up Saturday to my street looking like something off of a NYC postcard, it was stunning. Though not quite as enjoyable for my mile trek to make it to Titan Method’s class. Titan Methods always keeps me guessing what sort of new move I’m going to learn for the day, and that day did not disappoint. I learned not only that there is such a thing as a one-legged burpee, but that I am actually somewhat capable of doing a one-leged burpee. Boy was I struggling towards the end though! What is a one-legged burpee you may ask? It’s literally what it sounds like. You kick back into a push-up position while on one leg, then while still just using that same leg you hoist yourself back up and jump on that same leg and continue to do this until the set is complete then switch legs. Talk about a killer leg and glutes workout.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, one of my favorite places in the city. It’s a beautiful loop in Central Park that give you the best view of the park and surrounding city. This picture gives it absolutely no justice what so ever, it’s breathtaking in person.

My roommate and I then decided to go for a walk through Central Park after we heard about an “epic snowball fight” going on in the Great Lawn. We were unable to find this quote unquote, epic snowball fight. So instead we walked around for a couple hours admiring the clever snowmen, all the laughing children sledding, and finally stumbled upon Belvedere Castle.


I’ve been searching for this castle in Central Park since I arrived in the city. What a perfect day to come across it with it covered in snow. The castle is now used a the official Central Park Weather Station.

I’m off to do a cardio interval workout with some circuit training before enjoying the rest of my day off! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!

What is the most bizarre workout you have ever done? Have you tried a one-legged burpee? (If not, I encourage you to give it a go!)

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