Tai Chi, meet Zumba. Zumba, I’d like you to meet yoga. My body, I’d like you to meet soreness for the next 3 days.

I didn’t think it was possible, but as of tonight I may have found an addiction that surpasses my love of hot yoga. Maybe.
First, I have to start off with the happenings of today’s voyage to Soho! Since moving to the city, my beloved Garmin Forerunner has decided it is confused that we are no longer in Kansas and has come to the conclusion that it will not accept the fact that we are in New York, and staying here. That being said, I had to make an extra special, extra long trip out to Soho to visit REI for an exchange. What happened after this little errand was the real kicker to how my afternoon went.
SohoWandering through Soho. I was intrigued by the hip town and love that each part of New York City has it’s own personality. While admiring Soho’s funky vibe, I happened to stumble upon Little Italy. How I wish I had had someone there to have enjoyed one of the many Italian Café’s and admire the architecture. Instead, I decided to search through the boutiques to find myself a little treasure that when asked where I found such a dandy little item I could reply with a nonchalant “Oh this? I just got it in Little Italy.” with a no big deal attitude when really I’m thinking “This is my most favorite (fill in with fascinating accessory here). I got a steal of a deal on it in the middle of Little Italy!”.

I made my way past a store filled with purses, scarves, and jewelry and decided I would take a peak. I’ve been looking for a big purse that zips so I don’t have to worry about any of my belongings falling out and also thought it would be neat to add a scarf from Little Italy to my collection. Distracted by shiny things, I made my way over to the watches and tried to find one I could wear to work. Darn you Pinterest and making me think I have to have every accessory I stumble upon! While I was looking I heard this man’s voice whisper “Michael Kors?”. I then turned around and saw him looking over my shoulder to which he again asked me “Michael Kors? You like Michael Kors?”. I was a little confused as I could tell none of these looked like Michael Kors. I smiled though and told him I liked Michael Kors and continued looking. He looked over both shoulders, then pulled out a small bag from underneath the table. He pulled out what looked almost identical to a Michael Kors watch and asked me if I liked it and what design I wanted, he would give it to me for $50. I told them they were very nice but I was just looking today. He then told me that since we were family now (I don’t know how or when it happened but the benefits of being family I found out were very tempting!), he would give it to me for $20 dollars and he would even fit it to my wrist. I was tempted but told him I would think about it and come back if I changed my mind. Well this must be a common occurrence because the exact thing happened at the next place I stopped. They were all so sneaky about it, I felt as if I was doing something majorly illegal!

Once I made it out of Little Italy, I made my way into Chinatown. The area was full of color and I felt as if I had just stepped into another country. I walked down an alley, mistake number one, and saw a sign that said “Taste of Chinatown $1 a plate”. My belly was rumbling and I figured when in China Town, you should probably try a taste especially for just $1. I was wrong. When in China Town you do not buy a plate of “Taste of China Town”, especially when you found it in a hole in the wall of an alley. I had imagined it would be a little plate of rice and some variety of Chinese food, but it was something that I couldn’t even make out. Wontons that had a bizarre mixture inside. I couldn’t get myself to even try it!


After meandering around a little longer, I decided it was time to figure out how to get home. But not after stopping by Eileen’s Special Cheesecake for a mini strawberry slice of heaven. After all, the place had been voted #1 in New York for cheesecake and come to find out, they are the place that made New York Cheesecake famous! It was, sensational.
I rushed back so I would have enough time to get a little work done before heading to a new class I decided to try out at the gym. As a fitness enthusiast, I feel as if I’ve tried a little bit of everything out there. From varieties of yoga to CrossFit to Zumba to even the most extreme cardio classes. The description of this class was like nothing I had ever heard of. Deep Extreme (also referred to as BodyArt Fitness) combines strength, cardio, and stretching all in one class. The instructor described it to me as the stretching from a yoga class, the cardio from a Zumba class, all mixed with a therapeutic energy that makes for a truly unique workout. The class was designed by a Swiss gymnast and dancer from Germany who wanted a therapeutic class that derived from yoga, dance, Tai Chi, and Pilates to compliment each other with the elements of yin and yang.

Source: Los Angeles Confidential

The result? I had intended to follow the class up with 40 minutes of sprint interval training and only made it through 20 minutes afterwards. That’s how vigorous Deep Extreme is, but it’s also quite energizing. You start off with child’s pose and some yoga like stretching then work your way into holding strenuous poses then swiftly move from different poses through jumping and dancing. It’s something you have to try to really understand how rejuvenating it is. Here’s a video clip to give you an idea though.

Deep Extreme Workout

Kinda makes you want to drag out your yoga mat, download some tribal music, and start doing some Tai Chi yoga dancing right?

My sore legs and I are trying to decide whether to brace ourselves for a morning run through Central Park or push the stubbornness aside and take the day off to do some more exploring since Rodale’s offices are closed for the day. Hmmm, what to do!

Have you ever traveled outside the country or felt like you were in a different county? What was the most daring thing you tried and the thing that surprised you the most?

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