The Street Where I live

A couple of days ago, while planning my morning run, I realized I have yet to go anywhere to the left of my apartment. A weird realization. But I always turn to the right because that’s how I get to work, the gym, Central Park, the train, really anything I need. You could have shown me a picture of my block and I wouldn’t have even known that was my street! This epiphany led me to feel a little shameful. Here I’ve been looking at different places I would want to move to, and I had no idea I live on a street made up of these beautiful ivory pre-war buildings that are stories high with elegant balcony’s and gorgeous antique detailing.

beautifulaptThis isn’t my exact apt (due to privacy) but this is what the buildings look like. Doesn’t even give justice to how beautiful of a sight it is.
I’ve also been wanting to run along the river but have been waiting for a day off that hasn’t been freezing. Riverside is known for its path along the Hudson River, sculpture’s and artwork, free classes, restaurants, and the history it holds. This is also where the New York Central Railroad West Side Line used to run. Along the path there are many scenic views and monuments including Grant’s Tomb, Eleanor Roosevelt Monument, parks and gardens, The Freedom Tunnel, and gives a beautiful view of Riverside Church.

I ended up making it all the way downtown before deciding to head back. I had kept getting distracted by all the scenery and lost track of time!

trump_place_esplanade_gantry_140riverside_1june02While running, I came across this circular stone wall that had openings facing the water. Being the curious cat I am, I had to stop and go inside. There were lights hanging from the ceiling and looked like a place someone would have a party or get married as there was a beautiful centerpiece with seating around it. I looked it up later and it’s called the Boat-Basin Café and is open from Spring to Fall. This is definitely on my list of things to do this Spring!

Earlier this week I also received two packages that I’ve had sitting on my desk while I eagerly anticipated when I could open them on Valentine’s Day! My momma had sent a box as well as Luke. It took all my self-control to not open them! 

My mom is always the best at making every holiday seem like a big deal. And her little care box made every anxious moment of waiting worth it. My friend Greg had even left me a little message on the box! When I opened the box it exploded with confetti hearts and inside was our traditional See’s Chocolate, but the best part was that everything else in there had a special little meaning. Shells from our Oregon Coast Trips, trail mix from our favorite peanut shop (and some of the spiciest peanuts I’ve had!), a Starbuck’s gift card, bohemian bracelets (so I don’t lose touch with my boho hippy self my mom said!), a framed picture of my sister, Sunni, and me, a book of the best things to do in New York City, and a few other little surprises.

Luke’s gift was thoughtful, as always, and made me even more eager for him to come to New York. (Three weeks!!!!)


He’d filled the box with Dr. Seuss Valentine’s (we have a slight obsession for Dr.Seuss) with each individually filled out with a special message. He’d also saran wrapped a fleece heart blanket Smile My most favorite gift was the necklace I found inside a little box.


Since meeting Luke, I’ve decided that St. Patrick’s Day beats out the romance of any holiday. Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, it takes them all! Partially because that’s when Luke and I met and it was the best night of my life as it led me to the most genuine, thoughtful, kind hearted, handsome man who will leave me laughing and smiling everyday for the rest of our lives. So when I opened the box to reveal a four leaf clover enclosed in a heart I beamed with happiness. I kept catching myself looking at it all day at work, I love it Smile

I decided I would join my mom in giving up sweets for Lent (my sweet tooth is not happy with me!) but since I had a froyo date with my friend Elisha I decided to start Friday instead and go a date longer. Luke laughed when I told him I was giving up sweets because we’ve both tried giving up things we love to eat and it doesn’t last longer than a week. But I’m two days strong and not even close to caving in!

What’s the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received/given?

Do you give up anything for Lent? If so, what are you forgoing this year?

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