Burp-it Circuit

One week into Lent and what happens? I cave.

If you recall, I have/had given up sweets for Lent and went in thinking I could make it for the entire 46 days. I made it 7.

After receiving a package from one of my good friend’s mom back home, I found a mouth watering surprise. Boise’s very own Lee’s Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels. Oh I’m a weak woman. After one week of no sugar I finally couldn’t resist popping one of those delectable, savory piece of goodness in my mouth. I don’t know whether to applaud whoever decided to combine salty and sweet wrapped in a pretty bow, or shake my finger at them for making such an irresistible treat. I put them back up in the closet so we’ll see if I can make it another week Winking smile Doubtful, since these are absolutely divine and quite the challenge to resist. Thank you Miss Kay!

I also had my first taste of New York Italian food at Carmine’s with my friend Vicki who I met through the Miss America Program. We randomly met one year at Miss America at the tradeshow the year before I won Miss Idaho. Despite living on opposite ends of the country, we stayed in touch. When I moved to her end of the country, she made us reservations and made the 3 hour commute from Pennsylvania so we could reunite! It was a wonderful dinner that was filled with 4 hours of laughter, catching up, and closing down Carmine’s.
With the cold weather and many rainy days, I’ve found myself drinking even more tea than usual. There’s just something comforting about having a cup of tea in your favorite mug. In addition to that, I recently realized that my favorite tea, Yogi Organic Tea, comes with a little message on each tab of the bag.


With my message of inspiring other toward happiness, I decided what better way to bring happiness than through some sweat bracing, endorphin filled workout!


If this doesn’t make you sweat, well, I would advice that you make sure you were born with sweat glands. For the toe touches, lightly tap your toes on a box in front of you (or stair) at a rapid pace. Then take a dumbbell in each hand and squat and curl the dumbbells as you come up, then add an overhead press. When doing the ball crunches, try to keep the medicine ball over your head or act as if you were going to throw it as you come up. The burpee push up starts out as a push up with your two dumbbells, then do an upright row on each side while in push up position and come up just as you would a burpee but leave the dumbbells on the ground for when you come back down to do a push up. (The sweat should start coming at this point!). For the side squats, bring your foot back after squatting to the side and kick the opposite end of your rear (like you would in butt kickers). Try to keep the dumbbell directly over your head when doing the side plank. Lift your leg and support yourself on one leg and the palm of your hand to add a challenge. Jump lunges are basically just scissoring your legs back and forth as you jump from one leg to the next while lunging 15 times on each side. Push up ball tuck starts with placing your toes on a ball with your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Then do a push up followed by dragging the ball into your chest with your toes and bring it back to push up position. That’s one. As you do knee highs, treat it like you’re running in place but bring your knees up to your chest. Lay down on a mat for the ab rope climbers, extend your legs perpendicular to the floor and keep your core tight as you extend your arms to touch your toes and “climb the rope” 25 times each side. Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

Feeling like you want that next level of sweat? (You’re crazy!) Follow with 10 minutes of speed intervals on the treadmill. (One minute sprinting, one minute jog and back to one minute sprinting and so forth). Don’t forget to stretch afterwards!

Definitely was mopping up after myself when I was done with this one. Hope you enjoyed a little sweat fest from this!

What workout really gets your endorphins going? How have YOU helped to inspire others today?

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