Cutting myself off from Pinterest…after one more pin.


I remember when I was growing up, my parents solved the childhood epidemic of being a couch potato by having us pay for every half hour of TV we watched. They would put our weekly allowance in dimes that were then put in a cup and we had to pay 10 cents for every half hour of television we watched. If we wanted to have more allowance for the week, we would give up TV time and find some other way to entertain ourselves. I think they may have been onto something.

What does this have to do with anything fitness or health related? Well, it doesn’t exactly, however it has played into helping me with my Pinterest addiction. And for those of you Pinterest-aholics, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


You get on to look up a dinner recipe, find a new workout, find a fashion inspiration, or a DIY project. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours looking through pins and have a board full of innovative projects you will probably never get through half of and are convinced there really is a “5 minute flat abs- if you drink this”. Really? If it was as easy as drinking hot water with lemon, ginger, and cinnamon then we would all be struttin’ our stuff in a two piece bikini in the middle of winter to show off our flat tummies after the holidays. Besides, I’m pretty sure you can find all of those ingredients in a cup of tea and coming from someone who religiously drinks tea, that ain’t cutting it.

For example, today I started off on Pinterest looking for a killer workout.

31b3537a00bff7216e3eababf0bd04e9[1]Which then led me to finding an outfit that I feel like I need

This has somehow linked me to finding skills that will in no way help me accomplish anything important in life. Like how to make heart shaped carrot slices. Though they will make my salads a little more fun!

Which obviously leads me to wanting to make these scrumptious Wild Berry and Whole Wheat Pancakes. Oh Pinterest, you know what gets me!
c92f30995a54d06a7f3c370ff24f2407[1]Before you know it I’m finding myself wanting to throw an “I ‘mustache’ you a question, will you attend my…..”f2723b859020841d1194cfcadeea1910[1]

And I’m laughing hysterically over pictures like this….

Pinned Image

and attempting to do poses such as this, in my closet size New York apartment.


By the way, do NOT try to do that in an area smaller than the length of your body. Disaster.

Before I know it, I’m left with a mad craving for blueberry pancakes, trying to find an excuse to hold a “mustache party”, Googling the nearest places to adopt a puppy, and wondering what it was that I was looking up to begin with. This is where my parent’s “dime for a half hour” concept comes in handy. I only get a half hour of Pinterest time and then I have to be productive, otherwise I won’t get anything done. 

After all that I did manage to put together a 80’s inspired playlist and booty kicking circuit. This circuit felt more vigorous than I thought it would be. And not to toot my own horn, but one of the trainers told me afterwards their client wanted to workout with me because she said I was quote unquote, killing it. Sometimes it just feels good to hear that! Okay, enough with the tooting, here’s a “killer” arm workout.

Killer Arms

1 minute toe taps on box– I love these because they are a quick way to get your heart rate up! If you feel like your heart rate is dropping at any point during a circuit, this is a great exercise to get it back up.
15 windmills with weights– Remember windmills when you were a kid? Spread legs a little wider than hips. Take a weight in your right hand and stretch all the way up, now turn to left and while holding right arm straight above head, touch left toes with left hand. Go back to center and turn to your right, bring weight down to right shoulder and press back up while turning to repeat. Do 15 and switch sides.
15 rowing lunges- Take a weight and hold it with both hands. Step forward with left foot and lunge, then use weight like you’re rowing on that side. Bring leg back and do the same with the right leg. Do 15 on each side.
20 one legged arm curls- Stand on one leg and keep your core tight as you curl with weights in both hands. Switch legs at 10.
1 minute side lung over box with arms- Stand on a box and bring your right foot out to the side as if you were doing a side lunge. At the same time, bring your right arm stretched out in front of you and your left arm stretched out behind you. Bring your right foot back up to meet your left foot and as you do bring your left foot out to the left side for a lunge and switch your left arm out in front of you and the right arm behind you. Speed it up and repeat for one minute. (Can also stretch arms overhead to work more of the obliques).
15 triceps dips- Using the same box, put your back to the box and place your hands on the edges forming an upside “L” with both arms. Extend your legs out in front of you and allow your body to dip down and push back up with your triceps as your arms extend straight.
20 shoulder touches with plank- Set up as if you’re going to do a plank. But instead of holding yourself on your elbows, support yourself on the palm of your hands with a flat back and have your toes touching. I like to put my feet up on a ball for an intense core workout (lots of shaking!). While maintaining your balance, try not to move anything or sway side to side as you bring your right hand up to touch your shoulder and gently place it back down. Do the same with your left. Slow and steady while tightening your core will help make this go smoothly and you’ll feel it tomorrow!
30 second side plank with weight- Side plank on your right side while holding a weight with your left hand extended straight up. Now wrap your left arm underneath you and bring it back up. Do this for 30 seconds and switch sides. You can also prop your legs up for more of a challenge.
2 minutes extreme burpees- That’s the best name I can think of for these, because they are extreme! Start out in a plank while holding onto weights. Take your right arm and bring weight up to chest for upright row, now extend your right hand back to straighten for a triceps workout. Slowly bring it back and place weight down and do the same with left side. Next do a push up while holding onto weights. When you come up, jump your feet to your chest, let go of weights and jump up. Then, bring hands back down to hold onto weights, kick back your feet, and repeat for two minutes. Can also do on knees to ensure proper form as this takes a bit to get used to.
Repeat 2-3 times

Even if no one came up to after your workout and told you this, they were all thinking it by the time you finished your workout. You just killed it!

Where do you go to find your workout inspirations and ways to mix up your exercises?

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