Warning: Objects in mirror may be farther than they appear

I woke up this morning at 2:30 am to the sound of rain pouring outside my window. I had plans of doing an interval run outside for my workout the next day so I was a little worried the paths near the Hudson River were going to be flooded. To my delight, I walked outside my apartment only to be welcomed by one of the most beautiful fall mornings. The sun was shining and most of the evidence of rainfall from the previous evening had dispersed leaving only a wave of fresh, crisp air. I absolutely love these mornings in New York.

Autumn in NY 001

Source: CityGirl

My plan had been to run 5 miles mixed with a circuit interval every mile to build up my endurance for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon and get my legs used to running after doing a strength demanding obstacle. I started out heading towards the George Washington Bridge since I knew there were several playgrounds along the way that I could incorporate my interval workouts in. But the Washington Bridge kept catching my attention with how beautiful the sun bounced off of it, engaging the interest of the highly ambitious long distance runner in me. Not keeping in mind that I haven’t trained for long distance since last Spring so I don’t know what I was thinking but I must have thought the bridge wasn’t nearly as far away as it appeared. Maybe a few miles there and back leaving me with a 6-7 mile run at the most.

georgewashingbridgeSource: SiLive

Off I continued, incorporating a few of the circuits every mile until I realized just how far off the bridge was and focused my attention on the endurance portion of my run.

It’s interesting how you familiarize yourself with your surroundings once you explore the area’s perimeters on foot. I believe running is the best way to explore and truly experience a place. Walking is too slow and you don’t get to view as much while driving doesn’t enable you to really soak in everything around you. I haven’t ran up North too much and I was stunned by the beauty of the Hudson River and the area around Hamilton Heights. One of my favorite views on the run was of Riverside Church which is one of the most famous churches in the United States for not only being the tallest church in America, but also is know for its stunning Gothic Architecture. With the leaves changing colors and the sun beaming from behind it, I couldn’t help but be in awe. This may have also contributed to my lack of perception in just how far up I was going to have to run to reach the Washington Bridge.


Source: Empire Guides

5.5 miles later, and after going off path and getting lost in some off road trails that resembled something almost hike worthy of getting outside the city, I found myself under the Washington Bridge. I had hoped to cross over it into Jersey and run back. But being unsure how to get back on the path to the bridge and nervous that if I explored any longer I was going to have to pay off some cyclist to transport me back to the city, I decided to call it good and make my way back to the city.

On my way back, it was difficult to not stop by Levain Bakery for one of their WORLD FAMOUS chocolate chip walnut cookies. A recent discovery of mine that I found after walking by a bakery right across from my apartment countless times and always wondering why there was a line out the door of this little bakery that was tucked away in a basement.


Source: Trip Advisor


The business was started by two female triathletes who were constantly striving to develop the perfect chocolate chip cookie since their tedious workouts left them famished and craving these indulgences. (I want to meet these women!). But, I told CeCe and some girls from work that we would make it a date after one of our study sessions and workouts. Like one of the cookie’s creators says on their website “Being really active makes eating the cookie all the more fun!” I can’t wait to give them a try, though they are going to have some tough competition with my mom’s infamous cookies.

chocolate chip walnut cookie.  -levain bakery, nyc.

Oh yes. It will be mine.

Source: Levain Bakery

While I didn’t get to do my full interval workout during my run, it’s far too beautiful outside to not share with those of you looking to continue enjoying the fall weather. This is a perfect time of year to utilize what’s around you to engage in a workout that requires little to no equipment. Just whatever you have around you!


Repeat each circuit 3x before heading onto the next mile. For any of you preparing for an obstacle race, this will get your legs used to continuing with your endurance after engaging in a strength exercise. After doing this one, treat yourself! I know I’m going to with a chocolate chip walnut cookie next time, YUM!

What other workouts do you enjoy doing outside this time of year? Do you prefer to utilize what’s around you as equipment for your exercises, or prefer to get it all done at the gym?


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