So I love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. – Paulo Coelho

It’s been one week and you must be on the edge of your seat, bursting with desire for the unknown finish to last week’s special edition Valentine’s Day post. If you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, then you probably have an idea as to the outcome of my trek from New York –> Boston –> …Houston? Did my flight make it out of Boston despite Storm Pax and all the flight cancellations so that Luke and I could have our Texas Road Trip?


I’ll give a hint with one of my favorite quotes from The Alchemist.

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

While Mother Nature must not have initially been on our side, I’m thoroughly convinced that the universe was. After over 12 hours of traveling via a variety of methods of transportation and then anxiously waiting in my hotel room for an additional three hours for Luke’s delayed flight to arrive, I greeted my exhausted boyfriend at 11:30 pm on Valentine’s Day. Just enough time to wish each other Happy Valentine’s Day with a couple tears of bliss, and partial delirious exhaustion. vday2014We only spent 30 minutes of our first Valentine’s Day together, but it was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had. Not only that, but despite having less than 72 hours together, we had quite the weekend planned to make up for it.


We always start our road trips off with a stop for snacks and Rock Star Energy Drinks to prep us for a good few hours of jamming out to some of our favorite songs. Or in this case, whatever we could pick up from the radio in the middle of nowhere Texas. I can’t complain though, with the weather being sunny and warm enough to drive with our windows down, we were happy campers and on our way to Austin!   Road Trip  First stop was Austin to experience our first Cupid’s Undie Run, a fun run to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. I got a little excited as we drove up when I saw how funky and alive Austin was. It could have been the incredible weather, or the fact that I was finally with the love of my life, but the energy was contagious.

cupidrun  The Cupid’s Undie Run was a huge success and an absolute blast! We decided every year we want to choose a new location and be involved in it, though I loved having the run in Austin where I couldn’t help but shout out “It’s the middle of February, I’m running in my sports bra, and I am sweating!”. That’s comparable to Sunni’s happy booty he gets when we run together.


Afterwards we walked around Austin and decided to choose a place to have lunch the old fashion way, no Yelp involved. (Luke likes to give me a difficult time because I am a Yelp Queen!) We were both Starvin Marvin and quickly decided on the Iron Cactus because

A. It had a rooftop and it was far too nice out to be indoors.

B. They offered tableside guacamole, which made my Guac King a happy man.

And C. It was 3:00 pm and the place was packed with people! Usually a good indicator of a good restaurant.

We were not disappointed in our decisions and both agreed the guacamole was the best we’ve ever had, and we’ve had our fair share of guac.

Of course you can’t go to the Live Music Capital of the Country without well, listening to some of the best live music your ears have ever heard. We enjoyed walking along the streets of Downtown Austin and walking into different venues that each had their own mood and style. A little bit of classic country, some new age country, and my favorite, a soul inspired music band who looked like they walked right out of the 60’s. You couldn’t help but feel your hips sway as they played a few Rolling Stone hits and one of our favorites (since Wayne’s World was one of the connections that came up during the first night we met), “Foxy Lady” by Mr. Hendrix.butterehalf Before leaving Austin and heading to our next destination, we had to stop and take a picture by the “You’re my ‘Butter’ half” sign. Then it was more driving (and singing and goofy picture taking) and on our way to San Antonio!  I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have had a room so close to the River Walk that we could toss a penny off our balcony into it. We also had the most beautiful view of the San Fernando Cathedral with the sun setting behind it.


The morning started out with one of my favorite hotel workouts overlooking the River Walk. I made sure it was a doozy of a workout since I had the motivation of devouring a Texas shaped Belgian Waffle afterwards. Luke and I then enjoyed breakfast on the River Walk before heading out to see one of our favorite country singers, Randy Houser.


To our surprise, not only were we going to see Randy Houser, but our tickets also got us into the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This rodeo has been the winner of the “Largest Indoor Rodeo” for the last nine years and we were able to watch it celebrate its 65th Anniversary. Watching the bull riding and laughing at the rodeo clown took me back to growing up and attending rodeos with my family when my little sister was between the stages of wanting to be in a rodeo and still thinking she was in fact a horse. Sorry for releasing that secret Reba.


There were several Idahoans competing who Luke and I cheered slightly obnoxiously for. While Luke enjoys the Barrel Racing and I get into the Tie Down Roping, we both agreed Mutton Bustin’ is our favorite area of the competition where they put little tykes on sheep and see how long they can stay on them. The best part is watching those little kids slide off to the point where they are hanging on to the sheep’s belly and still hanging in there as the sheep prances around. I think we may have to have our future kids partake in Mutton Bustin’….is that cruel??   A couple of entertaining hours later, Randy Houser was brought into the arena on a Ford Pickup and did not disappoint with his performance. Not only is that man talented, but is he ever a performer! Definitely recommend seeing him in concert if you’re a country lover.


We finished off the day with a walk on The Alamo and then enjoyed the summerlike evening with a stroll along the River Walk followed by dinner next to the river. It was truly a perfect end to our weekend.  Though we didn’t get to have as long of a trip together as we planned, we both agreed it was one of our favorite trips and definitely made for quite the story in the end. All I can say is thank you universe for working to make it a weekend we will never, ever forget.

San Antonio

“So I love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” – Paulo Coelho

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