What motivates you to run on National Running Day?

Just another manic motivational Monday Wednesday…okay, I’ll admit, initially this was supposed to be a motivational Monday piece. But Monday and Tuesday were just another couple of days to add to the collection of manic days this year has consisted of. And getting out of bed on a foggy Wednesday morning sometimes needs just as much motivation as a case of the Mondays requires.

In lieu of National Running Day, I thought I’d post my three motivations for the week that get me up and out the door when my alarm goes off at 5:09 am. Each week, I come up with my three goals for that week, a daily record of my “happiness” highlight, and three pieces of motivation to encourage me to live my life BIG and continue to strive for the next step in life.


1. Currently, I’m training to complete a half-marathon this summer which means increasing my miles with longer runs. This time last year, my schedule allowed for more flexibility to run whenever I wanted. Now I’m out the door by 8:00 am and often don’t get back until after 8:00 pm and the last thing I want to do is tack on an extra hour so I can run my already exhausted body to the ground. My solution is finding the time to squeeze in my runs before I head out in the morning at the unenticing hour of 5:00 am. Knowing that I have this view to look forward to during the midpoint of my run always adds a bit of incentive to get out the door before the hustle of the city comes alive. Often these brief moments of solidarity with the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir are some of my daily highlights.

2. I looked at my calendar this morning and had to do a double take. JUNE? What happened to April showers and May flowers? I’m pretty sure we skipped March all together. Like many of you, I realized this means one thing. Time to start planning my exotic vacation to my private island in the Caribbean. Wait, you don’t have a private island that you can fly out on your jet plane, lay on the beach, and sip mojitos all day? Me neither. But that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on spending some time in my little polka dot bikini at Coney Island! (You have to improve for times like these, and Coney Island is going to have to be my Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty momma…) Except my polka dot bikini is a frayed, happy red bikini and I plan to totally R-O-C-K it with some rock hard abs this summer. More motivation to get out the door and feed my body the right food that it needs to get those abs of steal. Also, I wouldn’t mind being able to use the line “I feel bad when someone punches my stomach and their knuckles break”. Just an added bonus.

3. My recent motivation is an app that a coworker told me about called Charity Miles. The app is available for free through iTunes or Google Play and uses the GPS on your mobile device to track your miles as you run, walk, or cycle. For cyclists, 10¢ is donated for each mile and 25¢ a mile for walkers and runners. There are a variety of charities you can choose from including some of my favorites – Special Olympics, Girls On the Run, DoSomething.Org, Soles4Souls, Girl Up, and several others. It can be easy to call it quits and forgo the last couple of miles. But when I know that those extra couple of miles will provide supplies for children to go to school, resources to empower girls to grow into strong women, fund campaigns for youth to make a difference, and put food in the mouths of hungry individuals, it makes it really difficult to stop. You almost feel guilty not finishing the last 20 minutes because those last minutes could provide at least a couple of weeks towards education for a child. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.

Just because I know one of my all time best motivators can be what’s on my playlist for the day, I’ll throw in my go to song for the week. Nothing picks up my pace like a little throw back power jam from the 90’s!


What motivates you to get up and running?