Motivation Monday – “I just want to rock and run all night…”

Happy Motivational Monday! Today is a drizzly, mucky day in the Big Apple, and I’m the smarty pants who didn’t check the weather report before running out the door for my workout this morning. In I walked like a drenched rat smuggled in from the musky subway as I squeaked by and waved hello to the front desk at the gym while other members scratched their heads wondering, “Did she forget her raincoat and as a result is dripping from running out in the rain, or did she really just workout that hard that she is drenched in sweat?” – I’d like to say it’s the latter of the two, so let’s stick with that story.


Source: BlissfulBrit

I’ve found it’s easier for me to stay motivated by varying up my workouts to prevent getting stuck in a rut. One of the main reasons people either stop staying motivated towards their workout goals or find themselves at a plateau is because they are bored and struggle to find enjoyment in their workouts. The summer offers many opportunities to switch things up through outdoor activities that aren’t quite as enjoyable when it’s below freezing outside and you can see your breath, let alone hardly catch it!

That’s why this Monday’s motivational tip is to find something that will get you pumped! Try a new workout class or see if the surrounding parks around you offer community classes or fitness events. Races aren’t the standard run a few miles and get a free t-shirt and some Gatorade anymore. Now there are challenges involved, people chasing you, themes designed to bring out your creative side through dressing up, and the courses are unlike anything your parents probably experienced back in their racing days. Running through mud, bubbles and colored corn starch? Sign me up! I decided to motivate myself by signing up for a fun run 5k Neon Vibe as a way to add more variety to my training this summer.

Source: The Neon Vibe

Don’t get me wrong, I love my runs through Central Park. But for those of you who know me well also know I enjoy a good dance session so I can break out my shaky knee dance. I also love adding bright, neon colors to my workout attire and cranking up some loud, energetic music to get my endorphins PUMPED UP! That’s why I’m pretty sure this fun run was designed for running enthusiasts, electric orange loving people like me as it’s a 5k run through the dark leading to a dance party and neon glow fest at the end.

Don’t feel like dropping a fortune on a one day event? Check sites like Groupon, Living Social, Rush49, and Or if there’s a specific race you want to do, sign up for their mailing list as they’ll often send out early bird registration which tends to knock off a good chunk of money if you know far enough in advance that you are interested in signing up. Also, ask around and see if you have friends who would want to put a team together as sometimes there’s a discount for team registration. Plus, who wants to finish a run covered in neon chalk with a beat to groove to and no one to experience it with and take “healthy selfies” with?

Monday wouldn’t be nearly as motivating without a tune to add to your  playlist. A rendition of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” came on my iTunes Radio when I was running and it put me in the most calm and rejuvenating mood. It has a more relaxed and chill vibe to it, but it’s perfect for those mornings where the sun is just popping up over the horizon and you can’t help thinking to yourself, “Okay self, no matter how rough yesterday was. No matter how crazy today will be. Life as we know it is pretty fantastic.” So take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine yourself one day closer to the weekend and enjoying the good life.


What fun runs are you signed up for this summer?


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