This Monday morning, Frankie says relax….

Frankie says relax….

 Frankie say RELAX!!!  jajajaja I love this chapter!!!

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There’s only so much that we can do before we hit a wall. We can push and keep giving an endless amount of effort, but if we don’t take the time to relax, recoup, and recover, then eventually the drive will deteriorate and ultimately there will be a loss of motivation. And motivational Monday is all about staying motivated! That’s why today’s motivational tip is all about finding a way to recoup and recover in order to maintain a feasible drive to keep working towards what your ambition is.

rest day

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Get enough sleep – though this doesn’t mean keep hitting the snooze button. Set your alarm for a time that allows you to get 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep each night and then get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Sleep psychiatrist Daniel Kripke says people who get an adequate amount of sleep each night tend to be more productive, are happier, and have an extended life span. On the contrary, those who are sleep deprived tend to feel burnt out, easily aggravated, and more stressed.

So why is it bad to keep hitting the snooze button?

To sum up all the science behind this theory, your body goes through different cycles of sleep. Hence why sleep trackers are the rage right now as they monitor your sleep patterns and wake you up during your lightest stage of sleep to help you start your day refreshed, energized, and less groggy. When you continue to hit the snooze button, while you think you’re giving your body more rest, your body is starting a new sleep cycle that you won’t be able to finish. Therefore the extra sleep you are getting is poor quality and leaves you feeling more groggy than you would have been before. Still tired? Try taking a 20 minute power nap as this has been shown to increase productivity throughout the day.

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Take breaks – whether from workload or workouts. Even the most superhuman of us need a break. Whether it’s a break from our workout or a project we’re working on at work.

For your workout, plan a recovery day where you take a break from your workout routine or substitute something low-key such as a leisurely walk or mellow yoga class. This prevents your muscles from becoming exhausted and allows the body the time it needs to build off of the work applied previously in the week. 


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Just as you can over train during your workout routine, you can over train your brain. Working the muscles to focus on projects, read, study, or anything else that might cause your brain to eventually give a little scream requires a break as this makes the brain stronger. Since your brain needs a break roughly every 2 hours, try little techniques such as going for a brief walk, getting outside for some fresh air, talking to a friend, or listening to this jam and “shaking it out” to take your mind off things and get you in the right mood to start your Monday off with the kick of energy you need!




What do you find helps you relax and recover?


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