The most wonderful day of the year (sorry boys and girls, it ain’t Christmas!)

Summer Solstice. The most daylight you will ever find during the year and a day that also happens to be my FAVORITE day of the year. I get the “Can’t sleep, can’t focus, all I can think about is summer solstice” type of excitement, eagerly anticipating the day to finally come. While the world averages 16 hours of sunlight on this day, we New Yorkers have roughly 15 hours and 6 minutes to take advantage of the sun showing the city a little love and helping us kick off summer right. How can you make June 21st quite possibly the best day of the year? Well I am so glad you asked, here are 21 ways you can live it up from the moment the crack of dawn awakens, welcoming summer back into our lives!

Photo: Monday morning's motivation. Wake up for this view. Run for #charitymiles #specialolympics #letsrunhun

  1. Honor the sun by starting with a salutation to summer through some sun salutation yoga. (I’ll be doing mine in the middle of Times Square!)
  2. Visit the Stonehenge where it is said that the sunrise creates an illusion that the sun is balancing on the stone.

    source: Club211

  3. I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day! Throw your own summer solstice party, though be prepared. Those extra hours of daylight may throw off your ability to keep track of time and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning. Summer Solstice brings out the party animal in you!
  4. Break out the solar power and be energy efficient! Since this is the longest day of the year, might as well put the extra daylight to use. Try the Soulra Solar Boom Box to keep bumping those summer jams all night long during your summer solstice party.

Source: Eton

5. Speaking of summer jams and rocking and rolling all night long, you’re going to need a good playlist to keep the energy of the solstice alive. Dancing In the Moonlight by King Harvest is one of my all time favorite summer tunes and I can’t help but sway my hips to the beat of the music.

6. Find a maypole, or make one with friends, and dance around it!
7. In Greece, bachelors jump over fires to “woo” single ladies. Even if you aren’t looking for a single lady, a bonfire isn’t a bad way to enjoy the first summer night.

8. Cut yourself up some refreshing watermelon.
*Here’s a little tip I learned. If you knock and it “talks” back, it’s a keeper! Also look for a big yellow spot with scratch marks. That means the inside is bright red and dripping in juicy deliciousness, even the birds couldn’t resist trying to get at it!
9. Solstice comes from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) since the sun stops at the solstice twice a year. Take a moment to stop and think about what you’re most grateful for right now in your life.

Source: Mystic Mamma

10. In Sweden, young girls place flowers underneath their pillow and dream of their future husband. Not looking for a hubbie or already married? Find a fresh flower arrangement to display in an area you walk by frequently. Evolutionary Psychology conducted a study that showed flowers trigger happy emotions and increases life satisfaction.
11. While you’re at it, why not give some of those flowers to a friend or a stranger you pass by on your way home. An act of kindness goes a long way, and karma is a friend you want on your team.
12. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and pack up a picnic to enjoy out in the park, on a rooftop, or along a pleasant body of water.
13. Take that empty bottle of wine, write a message on it (make a wish!), and throw it out in the water.

Source: Find Your Middle Ground 

14. Girls in Belarus make candle offerings and place them in the river to celebrate Ivan Kuplala Day. Try making a candle offering or simply light a few candles and allow yourself to be mesmerized by their flames.
15. Reminisce your childhood and buy a popsicle from an ice cream truck. Can’t find one? Froyo does the trick!
16. Soak it all in. Find a nice patch of grass to lay down on, look up at the sky, and take a breather. Don’t forget the SPF, sun-burnt is no way to start the summer.
17. Catch up on a little reading.
18. For pagans and neo-druids, couples will go to the Stonehenge and treat the day as a wedding ceremony. Grab your significant other (or your best friend/furry loved one) and tell them just how much you adore having them in your life.
19. Make summer bucket list of all the things you want to do, places you want to go, and people you want to share them with.

20. Go to your favorite place to watch the sunset. Marvel in its beauty and allow yourself to feel the energy knowing all the snow and rainy days will have been worth it as you enjoy the next couple of months of summer.

Photo: Morning healthy selfie after a beautiful run in the...wait, is that sunshine?! I knew you'd be back in my life! #letsrunhun #itsabeautifulday #lovethiscity

21. Lastly, you probably haven’t made it the whole day without documenting your summer solstice on some form of social media. But if you haven’t, whip out your phone and take a minute for a “healthy selfie” at the end of the day. Chances are, you’ve had a full day (all that use of daylight can make one exhausted!) but are happy and content where you are right now. And that’s a picture you’ll want to keep around to remind you the importance of making the most of each day that is given to you.


Happy Summer Solstice!


How do you plan on spending your summer solstice?


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