My dog would like to think every day is National Dog Day

And let me tell you why.


Sunni, is one spoiled pup. He is treated like he is both the powerful Wizard of OZ and also an innocent, incapable puppy dog living in Heaven on Earth. There’s nothing he can’t do, and there’s nothing no one would do for him. Basically he’s Sunni, Warrior King of the Puppy Dog Land. Does this sound familiar to any of you dog lovers out there? For all you nodding your heads in agreement, you know why my Sunners – and probably your dog as well – thinks every day is a day to celebrate.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and wonder how in the world a 4-legged creature who eats cat poop and can entertain himself for hours simply by chasing his own tail or by laying on his back while holding a tennis ball above his head and hold a staring contest with it can possibly be a potential ruler of the world, let me fill you in with a few examples of things Sunni gets away with, that no one else could.

awesome dog

Source: Pawpins

Sunni can take the first (and last) lick from my frozen yogurt, and he can also have the butt of my banana.
Side note: Sunni LOVES banana butts and gets excited about our morning runs in the foothills because he knows there’s a banana butt with his name all over it at the end of it. And peanut butter if he’s lucky. (As does Luke, minus the peanut butter part…I wonder what this says about the two of them.)


Double side note: Remember, Sunni likes cat poop. This makes this even more grotesque a verification of true love and adoration.

Being cold is one of my least favorite feelings. So holding an ice cube in my mouth for several minutes while someone else licks it and then starts to slobber all over my face sounds anything but humorous to me. But when Sunni does it, I get the giggles for days.

My bed, my sheets, my pillow, no touchie me while I’m sleeping! Oh wait, you just had a bath and smell like you had cat poop soufflé? Here, come snuggle up to me you little space heater who likes to kick and make whimpering noises in his sleep then proceed to lick my face until I wake up when you decide it’s time to play at 4:00 am.

Shotgun! I love to kick my feet up on the dashboard, control what goes on the radio, spontaneously turn on the hazard lights while someone else is driving, and roll down the window while singing from the top of my lungs to Randy Houser (or Aaron Carter). So when Sunni comes along for car rides, I’ll gladly give up the front seat/let him sit on my lap for the duration of the car ride.

Side note: Sunni also loves Aaron Carter…and George Gershwin. Though the latter of the two isn’t quite as much of a Sunday drive roll down your windows kind of tune.

You get the idea, he’s spoiled. But not rotten. After all, he’s not a cat and he pays me back for all those banana butts and hogging up 90% of the bed in more ways than I could ever ask for. That’s because dog owners are likely to have a better overall well-being as they have higher self-esteem, are more optimistic, less depressed, feel less stressed, and are happier in general according to a study done by the Department of Psychology at Miami University.

Goodbye sick days!
Dogs may have the “cleanest mouths”, but they are covered in germs. Okay, so this may not be the best selling point, however research has shown that dog owners have better immune systems because of being exposed to more bacteria. The British Journal of Help also found that dogs help in lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of heart attack.

Unconditional Love #dogboarding #dogs

Source: Some Ecards

You’ll probably want to play hooky with those sick days you’re saving

 As even 15- 30 minutes of spending time with that wagging tail has been shown to reduce stress levels and make owners more relaxed.


And don’t feel bad about switching out your Zumba or Yoga class to spend time with your dog instead

Running or walking with your pet is a great way to not only bond, but also a great way to squeeze in some exercise as well. The University of Missouri found that owners who exercised with their dogs were more likely to stick with their fitness goals.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: WEIGHT LOSS TIP #1 Adopt a dog..... They make you walk and eat at least half of YOUR calories.Source: Some Ecards

Man’s best friend
Best friends should bring out the best in each other, and that’s exactly what dogs do as they make us more patient, committed, and teach us about being caring and selfless. Not to mention make us smile more, and what more could one ask for in a best friend?

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog. | Friendship Ecard |

Source: Some Ecards

Except also being the best wingman
No need for because your dog will be your new chick/stud magnet.

Source: Some Ecards

You may even find yourself becoming detached from your Facebook account
As dogs encourage their owners to be more social by making them more approachable and outgoing. Who needs Facebook friends when dog owners found making friends to be 40% easier when they had a dog! (Britain’s Warwick University)


But you’ll probably want flood your friend’s newsfeeds with pictures of your dog

Because of how happy that little smelly, germy, and yet oh so loveable bundle of joy makes you. Which makes sense since playing with your slobbering love has been shown to raise your brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels which are linked to feelings of pleasure and tranquility.


Need I say more about all the things your dog does for you? So go find your K9 – or rather simply look down and catch them with a look of adoration for you, just waiting to go outside and play fetch followed by a nice cuddle session while sharing a spoon of peanut butter. Or Sunni’s favorite, peanut butter fro-yo topped with banana butts. Happy National Dog Day!



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