4 Fitness Myths to Stop Believing Now

Cropped shot of a sporty young woman listening to music while running outdoors

Source : SpaFinder

You’ve heard it before on infomercials and weight loss programs, “Do this simple move three times a week and watch that belly fat melt off!” If only it were that easy. One of the biggest fitness myths is the idea that you can target fat loss with one simple machine or pill to get in the best shape of your life. Not only can you not pick where you lose fat (darn!), but your body will start to acclimate when performing the same workout, resulting in that unbearable plateau. Then what other fitness myths are out there in the health industry and what can you do to get in the best shape of your life?

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Are All Calories Created Equal?

It’s that time of day at the office where your belly starts rumbling and you begin to crash. You walk to grab your chicken wrap that you packed this morning with every intention of eating clean and healthy for the day when you notice slices of vanilla bean cake with luscious chocolate frosting on top. You look it up on your calorie counter and see that the cake has 235 calories in each slice, a little less than the chicken wrap you brought for lunch. What harm can it do then if you’re consuming less calories by going with the chocolate cake, after all isn’t every calorie treated

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