Genevieve Marie, that’s me!

Genevieve Marie, that’s me!

I’m a compassionate, optimistic, active, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and driven woman who is head over in heels in love with life and making a difference in the world. That’s a lot of adjectives to use in one sentence to describe a 5’2” little lady! But just like my old soccer coach used to say, “Dynamite comes in a small package” and this piece of dynamite has a lot of ambition and a lot of personality, of which you will surely see in this blog!

There isn’t much that I won’t try and there are many things that I’m absolutely biting at the bit to experience. I’ve gone sky diving, love traveling and meeting new people, have found that I am a hot yoga addict, enjoy playing piano, soccer, rock climbing, biking, running, snow boarding, writing, dancing, photography, being the biggest goofball…the list just continues on!

I also have the best family and friends in the world, I’m convinced and sold on that idea. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by the most incredible, driven, compassionate, and outgoing people and even more fortunate to be able to call them my friends.  I’m very blessed to have two parents who after 23 years of marriage are still as crazy in love as they were when they first met and have encouraged myself and my sister to enjoy life to its fullest and take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. They’ve taught me that more often than not, the opportunity you want won’t be presented on a silver platter to you, so you better go out and make that opportunity happen yourself.

Reba, my little sister, is my best friend, my little dose of happiness, and just as big of a goofball as myself. If anyone can keep me grounded and make me laugh at any given moment, no matter what’s going on, it would have to be her.

It would simply be wrong to not include my beloved, spazzy, and ever so handsome golden retriever as a member of the family. Sunni pops up in many of my posts, probably because he is my burst of sunshine and is the best running partner a girl could have.

Koda is the other member of the family, and the jealous one of the two dogs, hence why I can’t forget about him either. He’s my singing partner when I practice piano as he insists on howling along, especially when I play George Gershwin. Looks like I’m not the only fan in the family! He’s a little rambunctious and loves going on runs with Sunni, my sister, and me in the Boise foothills.

I started my blogging experience back in 2010 when I dabbled around with a few posts before I became more involved in the blogging world.  At the time, I was working towards my degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Journalism at Boise State University and was also competing for the title of Miss Idaho. In 2011, I had qualified for the 4th time as a contestant vying for the title of Miss Idaho and an opportunity to represent my state at Miss America. That year I changed my motto to “4th time’s the charm” after I was beyond blessed to be crowned Miss Idaho. The experience I had over the course of 365 days was unbelievable and one that has left me humbled and grateful.

I have posted all the hard work, memories, and people who I met during that year in Life In the Heels of Miss Idaho if you want to read more about my experience. And what an experience it was! My blog then was called A Woman of Few Words But Great Action, before switching to this new blog when I realized it was time to grow and get more creative! (Find out why I changed the name and how this blog is intended to give a dosage of b vitamins!)

Now I am back to the real world and am working on graduating this semester. What a transition it has been! Between my busy class schedule, weekend long workshops, endless amounts of reading and papers each evening, working part-time, writing for my school’s paper, squeezing in time to catch up with friends and enjoy time with my family, and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, I am working on expanding my blog and covering even more than before. From funny, random occurrences during my day to how I live an active lifestyle and the food I enjoy as well as beauty and fashion discussions.

I hope you find laughter, inspiration, or simply a piece of happiness from my posts and if you have any questions regarding absolutely anything in the world, feel free to contact me and I’ll answer whatever question you may have. Or if there is something you would like to see more of, let me know and I’ll see what I can do because after all, you’re the one reading it and I want to know what interests you!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I get a kick out of writing it!

Genevieve Marie

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