Bucket List

One of my mottos in life is taking advantage of every opportunity life gives you. Because of this, I’ve tried to live every day and every experience in my life to it’s absolute fullest. When I started thinking about this idea, I thought about all that I have been fortunate enough to do in the short but full quarter life I have lived so far. I’ve been able to travel to over half the states in the US, visit a several of countries, made a difference in my community, let out my daredevil side through sky diving, tried surfing, experience what genuine kindness is in the middle of a small village in Indonesia, competed on one of the most prestigious stages when I represented Idaho at Miss America, and many more that have encouraged me to never stop seeking adventure. But what I’m most appreciative of is that I have been raised in an environment where I am encouraged to be outgoing, spontaneous, take risks, and have dreams too big to fit on a dream board.

My actual bucket list is posted here. But on this page I will be posting the things that I have crossed off my bucket list! Here’s to always having something to look forward to, never stop growing, always continuing to learn something new, and continuing to overcome adversity!

October 2013- Ran the Brooklyn Bridge


August 2013- SUP…I tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding…and loved it!



Summer 2013- Became a certified personal trainer


October 27, 2012- I joined the Color Run fiasco!

October 24-, 2012- Today I Donated Blood!  

Ellie and I set up appointments as first timers to donate 10% of our body’s blood today! I learned that your body holds roughly 10 pints of blood, which means you are donating 10% of your blood when you donate. But the effects that it has on other people’s lives are extraordinary.

Did you know that one pint of blood could potentially save not just one but three lives? Every 2 seconds, there is someone who will need blood. As a donor, you can donate your blood every 56 days!

Did you also know that you burn about 650 calories by donating blood? That explains why I wanted to eat everything in sight afterwards! I tried to look up more information on this and I couldn’t tell if this was over the course of the next two days while your body was working on replenishing your red blood cells. But I thought that was pretty interesting, all those intense work outs and all I needed to do was donate blood!

I would highly recommend it to anyone and advise you to definitely bring a friend because it makes it a much more enjoyable process and helps spread the word. You can find out more information or make an appointment on the American Red Cross website.

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