Group Events or Private Practices

Group Events or Private Practices

Have a birthday or company event coming up? Want to find a way to relax the morning of your wedding? Need someone to come to your office at lunch at help your employees find a way to relax and stay focused through out the day?

Drop and Give Me Zen can come to you! Let me know roughly how many people you’re expecting and what package you’re interested in. We can also collaborate and put together a personalized package if you have a different idea of what you’d like.

Bridal Party Yoga

The day of your wedding should be one you look back on fondly because you enjoyed and savored every moment. Not something you spend all morning stressing about because the flowers aren’t the right color, your inappropriate Uncle Bob keeps hitting on your Maid of Honor, and your hubby to be just realized he forgot to pick up his Tux.

Relax! And let me help you enjoy it all by beginning your morning (or Bachelorette party) with some Euphoric Yoga. I’ll design a sequence specifically based off your taste, experience (or lack there of!), and can even bring the mimosas and breakfast goods to you to ensure you’re kicking your day off to a zen-tabulous start.

Price: Contact for details

Namaste at the Office

Is that 2:00 pm lag getting your office down? Employees starting to drag towards the end of the day and struggling to stay focused and motivated to work? People who engaged in yoga or meditation at the office found they were able to focus better, noticed a decrease in stress levels, and also relieved lower back pain. Not only that but they were more positive, motivated, and productive. What employer doesn’t want that for their employees?

Let me know a rough estimate of how many people you are expecting, the amount of time you can designate towards your practice, and if you would like for lunch to be brought to you and let me arrange the rest. You’ll be finding your work environment to be more enjoyable and productive in no time!
Price: Contact for details

Kids Birthday Parties

Tired of doing stuff for your kid’s birthday parties that leaves the adults counting down the hour until they get to take their sugar hyped up children home? How about something everyone can enjoy? Whether you join in, or stand by the cooler entertained by your kids as they figure out how to do downward dog and make animal noises while they dance around like trees in a forest, birthday party yoga allows for you to get some time to relax while your kiddos get their energy from cake and ice cream out of their system and potentially find a new activity to get excited about.

Price: Contact for details

Other Events and Festivities

You’ve been to a dozen BBQ’s, bowling alleys just aren’t your thing for birthday’s, sitting the entire Bunko night is hurting your back, and Holiday parties aren’t helping your health and fitness goals with all the treats and sweets. Why not give yoga parties a try!

Start your party off with some yoga and wine and let the festivities kick off from there. I’ll work with you to design a package and sequence based off your interests and you get to enjoy the rest of the night knowing you did something good and enjoyable for yourself!

Price: Contact for details

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